Church of the Oneesiah Inquisitor Retinue (2011/12)

Lolicon heretic making an offering of penance to fellow Oneesiah Inquisitor

There’s only so much singular Inquisitors, working alone, can do in the endless war against heretics who proclaim the primacy of the Imouto over the Oneechan and against disbelievers in the glory of Yuri. To better smite my enemies, I’m recruiting a retinue to assist me.

While many Oneechan-type characters have excellent CVs, this recruitment list gives precedence to those who have been recently active, appearing in anime that have aired between Fall of 2011 and Summer of 2012. Diversity is important too so all will be from different anime, i.e. not more than one from each anime. Ability to work as part of a team is also especially valued.

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