[Stripey] Fate/Zero 02 – The Master-Servant liaison

3 Kings

After exploring the various Masters’ motivations to participate in the Holy Grail war, episode 2 switches our attention to several intriguing Master-Servant liaisons.

Waver-Rider (Iskandar)

When I was fresh out of OCS (Officer-cadet-school), I was assigned to platoon where my 2nd-in-command was a Staff sergeant of 20 years of military experience. Contrast this with a greenhorn lieutenant in his 13th month of conscripted service who didn’t know his left bootlace from the right. It had been a humbling and maturing experience juggling such inexperience with command responsibility; a coming-of-age ritual which I hope to see as Waver grow in his handling/dependence of Iskandar.

Kiritsugu-Saber (Arturia)

Shirou was an idiot for a reason in F/SN. Fate/Zero confirms the cause to be Kiritsugu. The telling conversation between Iri and Saber shows how a bundle of contradictions Kiritsugu is.  As fate (pun intended) would have it, Kiritsugu’s involvement in the war has consigned Iri to certain death and misfortune to Illya (from what I remember from F/SN). Yet he laments Saber’s tragic fate of her own choosing. From the OP, it looks like Kiritsugu would relegate Saber-in-tux to a SP role for the sole purpose of protecting Iri rather than use her actively in the Grail war – Similar to what Shirou initially did in F/SN. Of course the major difference between Kiritsugu and Shirou is sheer ability. While Kiritsugu is an renowned mage-hunter, Shirou loves to tank a full-armour clad Saber with a t-shirt (+5 cotton-T of invulnerability anyone?). In this sense, Kiritsugu is very much less hateful. Still with the caliber of Masters/Servants in this war, it’d be deadly to assume he can last a minute more with mere tactics, stealth and firearms. Continue reading