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asread atones for Okawari with Okaeri

Ever since SHUFFLE! I have been watching asread’s career with great interest. But Minami Ke Okawari was a big disappointment, not so much due to the art or animation but because the humour compared poorly to the first season by They of the Cabbage Love, Doumu. The three Minami sisters just seemed off-kilter; Haruka alternated between being hapless and mean; Kana was unlovably stupid; Chiaki was too bratty.

I was arguing with Stripey that Ga-Rei Zero has been disappointing. Because Kagura was whiny – definitely not a Good Job from Minorin here. The middle part was just dumb. See also #2-5 in Baka Raptor’s post. *But* having just read tjhan raging on the manga (which I didn’t pick up because I thought the art was fugly), I’m starting to think that Ga-Rei Zero was another case of asread being able to make the most out of rather poor source material so I’ll still give it Good Job overall. But not as far as declaring it the top series for Fall 08.

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