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Aniblog Tourney Feedback

Zyl: Congratulations to chaostangent for a well-deserved win and apologies for the belated response. The tourney has been interesting to follow and the feedback much appreciated – I agree with many of the points raised by Josh’s detailed comparison and thanks to everyone who visited, voted and commented; would also like to take this opportunity to respond and share some of my reflections.

Stripey: Felicitations to chaotangent and apologies to comrade-in-anime Zyl for battling the tourney alone. (Although with me, it’d be like Clare heading into a fight WITH Raki in tow. :P). While I haven’t been as diligent in following the tourney as I ought, it was very heartening to see that a few folks ‘miss Stripey and his siscon’. Your comments have been uplifting and were very much appreciated. :) Even though I haven’t been quite in synch with the aniblog scene, here’s adding my 2 yen for what it’s worth.

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