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[Artbook] Custom-made girl (Miyama Zero Gashuu)

It is such a shame that this artbook wouldn’t be found at our local Kinokuniya. And understandably so since NSFW illustrations account for up to 40% of the content.

This post aims to bring greater awareness to Miyama Zero sensei’s art and to boost “Custom-made girl” sales or better still spark off a lobby for a greater relaxation of import regulation with regards to loli-porn 2D art. (In many countries, I wouldn’t need to be agonising over bringing in this and this from Amazon Japan). This post is also partly inspired by Anya’s Orange kun illustration in the Code Geass artbook.

A excellent review of the publication can be found at Icie’s, so I’d rather not embarrass myself and skip to my badly taken pictures instead. (Incidentally the entire digital collection can be found here – NSFW.)

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