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Figures, artbooks pages updated ~ The passion flickers onz

Credits: Goto-PWhat do you do if you wanted to show off all your CURRENT girlfriends to your wife without pulling a ‘Nice boat’? Why you update your Figures page! Sadly she wasn’t as impressed with the amount invested. It doesn’t help that figure prices have rose from 4200 yen per piece in 2006 to the average of 8000 yen today. Anyhow I digress. Beside showing off my plastic girlfriends, this update also aims to achieve the following:

1. Points folks to the location of my now-very-obscure Figure page.

2. Assures fellow PVC hobbyists that my plastic passion still burns even though numerous PVC giants from my blogging era have already betrayed the love graduated from the hobby.

3. To soothe the recent pain of spending close to S$700 on Volks Fate & Tinkle figures.

4. To announce our spanking new Artbooks page *confetti*

5. To put up Goto-P’s beautiful illustration of the seifuku-bishoujo.

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