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Evangelion 2.0 @ the movies with Wife-chan

Art by moekyo

“I thought Evangelion was all about Rei?”, quipped Wife-chan when I confessed to possible defection to the Rei camp after catching Eva 2.0. Yeah, Zyl would surely approve. Bishoujo allegiances aside, the occasional glimpses into Wife chan’s 2D perceptions were both enlightening and intimidating (Intimidating because I’m now not so certain house chores is ALL she’s doing as I blatantly drool over the 2D bishoujos in the living room.). Enlightening since her non-fan perspective coupled with fearsome woman intuition could be very revealing. I particularly enjoyed her point about Asuka having a better figure than Rei.

“Asuka’s butt is more pert.” She asserted. Her claim makes me want to catch the movie again. Well at least we both agree that -

1) It should be made criminal for 14 yr olds to have such figures.
2) Mari has the best figure in the movie.
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