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Fate/Mero Mero ~ The Galge wars

I wish Mami chan was from some galge…

Legend has it that the last Master standing in the final Holy Grail war was a little-known tanuki who was sickened both by the carnage and the heavy male presence in the sacred battle-royale. Mastering his memories of Carnival Phantasm and love for all 2D bishoujos, he wished upon the Grail and change the rules forever to give us – The Galge wars.

Instead of Servants, Masters now summon Bishoujos from any galge-turned-anime to battle in the war of hearts. The first Bishoujo to capture the hearts of all 7 masters wins an exclusive contract to her very own harem-styled anime (script by Gen Urobuchi, produced by UFOTable with Kajiura Yuki helming the music production).

Here’s a lowdown on the 7 classes of Bishoujo

1) Imouto 

Characterised by their opening statement – “Are you my onii-chan?“, the  Imouto class is a favourite of the tanuki household (one of the regular participating clans of the Galge wars).

Previous winner(s): Asakura Nemu (Da Capo) ~ Moe Phantasm – Coughing out sakura petals.

Most powerful Imouto ever summoned – Kasugano Sora (Yosuga no Sora) ~ Moe Phantasm – Appearing under your desk…

2) Loli

There has been more winners from the Loli class than all the other classes combined which says a lot about participating Masters in general.

Previous winner(s): Kotonha Kokoro (School days) ~ Moe Phantasm – Magical girl transformation

Most powerful Loli ever summoned – Primula (SHUFFLE!) ~ Moe Phantasm – Nekomimi meido (with moving tail)

3) Osananjimi (childhood friend)

The Osananjimi class has yet to produce a winner in the Galge wars.

Previous winner(s): None

Most powerful Osanajimi ever summoned – Kamigishi Akari (ToHeart) ~ Moe phantasm – Unknown (eliminated before she had the chance to use it)

4) Tsundere ojousama

The pre-battle tsundere act/trash talking makes this class so fun to watch.

Previous winner(s):  Houjouin Seika (Princess Lover) ~ Moe phantasm: The under-table pinch

Most powerful Tsundere ojousama every summoned: Itsukushima Takako ~ Moe phantasm: The tsundere stutter

5) School idol

The Saber class of the Galge wars. School idols go far in the war only to frequently lose to Lolis during the final showdowns.

Previous winners(s): Morishima Haruka (Amagami SS) ~ Moe phantasm – Back-knee kiss gasp

Most powerful Idol ever summoned – Shirakawa Kotori (Da Capo) ~ Moe Phantasm – Able to burst into song after multiple rejections

6) Yandere

The Beserker equivalent of the Galge wars. The only known class to have won by literally killing off their competition

Previous winner(s): Kaede (SHUFFLE!) ~ Moe Phantasm ~ Stirring an empty pot.

Most powerful Yandere ever summoned – Kotonoha Katsura ~ Moe phantasm – Netorare…

7) Onee-sama

The anti-thesis of the imouto class. A favourite of the Zaku clan (another regular Galge war participant).

Previous winner(s): Misusawa Mao ~ Moe phantasm – Wide-eye stare

Most powerful Onee-sama ever summoned – Kousaka Tamaki (ToHeart2) Moe Phantasm – Tama-nee Iron claw