Twenty (Un)Individual Eleven

Switched from LightWord to Twenty Eleven. Push came to shove when I belated realized that WP Lightbox 2 plugin stopped working somewhere along the way and no update was forthcoming on the theme side; the former has not been updated since 2011-01-03; even more worrying is that LW’s theme homepage is down. The Lightbox issue was irritating as many of my posts were written with the intention that links to screencaps should open as overlays. As much as I dislike fiddling with the blog backend, I decided it would be better to jump ship before the theme broke completely.

I had thought about moving to Twenty Eleven for a while as it’s a default theme by the WordPress theme, is widely used (much more so than Twenty Twelve) and should be updated for some time to time. I was initially repulsed by the ugly dash in the image captions but managed to get rid of it via a simple CSS edit to the child theme‘s stylesheet. The next major piece of ugliness of Twenty Eleven – its enormous forehead (288 px header image space so not moe) – was dealt with via the Twenty Eleven theme extensions plugin (which also stood up the widgets side bar in single post view). However I was still not able to avoid creating a custom functions.php file because it was needed to get WP Page Navi to work, thankfully I could simply cut and paste the necessary code to do the job.

The theme revamp also sees me parting company with Google Analytics and Custom Search as I felt annoyed after getting delisted from Google AdSense after ignoring numerous dumb ass warning emails about unacceptable content (Violence, of all things) on one of the most popular posts by Stripey. Google had clearly gotten it wrong but there was no way to appeal the decision made by their machine unintelligences. In any case, WP’s native stats and search works well enough for me and AdSense never even came close to even covering hosting costs.

In the course of the theme change, I also discovered that about some posts in the blog had suffered two separate spam link injections in May and June; thankfully there were only about 60 posts, rather than hundreds, affected but removing them manually still took more than two hours. If you spot any of those or encounter any problems with the new look, kindly let me know via email, Twitter or comments. Thanks!

[Having lots of problems with the custom CSS so have reverted back to LightWord for the time being. Will try Twenty Twelve next.]