[Zyl] This Week In Anime (10/52)

Motoharu totally stuffed his Neechan

Current Season

  1. Nisemonogatari (11/End): No surprises as they all lived happily ever after until the next oddity appears. Surprisingly I enjoyed Sakamoto Maaya’s loli Shinobu more than levelled up Shinobu; still pumped for Kizumonogatari though.
  2. Ano Natsu de Matteru (10): Chain reaction Kanna-Kaito, Tetsurou-Kanna, Mio-Tetsurou and a visitor for Ichika from afar. The melodrama has been laid on thick but never has it gone overboard. This episode continues to lock-in Mio as my favourite character. P.S. OMG Mio’s naked apron!!
  3. Senki Zesshou Symphogear (11): Sapphogear powers up my rankings this week with (coherent!) explanations of the Ryouko reveal and Kadingir as well as how Kurisu was being tsundere about her parents. Gurren Lagaan’s ‘The Moon is Bad’ is my favourite version of this motif though (wrt films, it’s the Fifth Element).
  4. Daily Lives of High School Boys (10): Literature Girl (is Yassan) vs call of nature/Pls return my jacket/chase, Tadakuni Imouto (Mei) ver of Heimlich maneuver/On Ice, Motoharu Can Cook/Cycle. This series continues to be reliably entertaining.
  5. Rinne no Lagrange (10): You must confront your fear, Madoka. Then, and only then, a Vox Aura pilot will you be. And confront your fear you will. Also, how will De Metiro Trio react when they finally find out that Madoka is Yurikano’s daughter?
  6. Bodacious Space Pirates (11): Continues to develop at its usual languid pace, too much CG ship being tossed around time-space distortions but at least the developments continue to be definite and concrete (which is more that you can say for lots of other series): Grunhilde Serenity as next boss (who is the puppeteer?), Golden Ghost Ship found and boarded.
  7. Shakugan no Shana (23): What’s in the Engage Link bottle? No surprise that Shana and co’s little tricks wouldn’t work in of themselves. Relieved that Bel Peol escaped her death flag, looks like it’s been passed to Sydonai.
  8. Black Rock Shooter (07): The revelation of the Yuu-Strength connection seems to push my appreciation of the series to the brink of comprehension only for me to quickly revert to a state of utter confusion just before the credits roll. But at least the fights are still spectacular.
  9. Amagami SS+ (09-11): Finally pushed myself to watch the Sae arc (her voice was not as excruciating as the last time) with the promise of the Haruka arc but was disappointed, particularly with Morishima ‘Lazy Colour Palette Switch’ Jessica. Itou Shizuka talking to herself was amusing but doesn’t hold a candle to Goto Yuko’s Mayucchi/Matsukaze double act in MajiKoi.
  10. Inu x Boku (10): I can pretty much guess what Soushi has been “deceiving” Ririchiyo about, reveal next episode should delight Ririchiyo and really do the trick to break the ice this time. To think Kagerou was actually trying to do something nice! But Soushi’s right, it’s better for him to say it himself. Bright spot was Karuta’s PEKING DUCK!

Late to the Party

  • Spurred by the chatter about forthcoming new Lupin, I purchased the most easily available DVD on Amazon.uk and thus Castle of Cagliostro was my first experience of the famous franchise. Enjoyed it very much despite the art style (especially for the girls) and the stereotypical Hollywood devices (e.g. car chase, explosions, fancy gadgets, anti-hero hero with his backup ensemble, hammy international politics etc.) and mostly because of the crackin’ pace, skillful tying in of all the plot threads, satisfying resolution and reveal of the treasure.
  • Finally watched the Toradora Bento OVA: food theme so funny, moral of story so sweet, KitaEri as Ami so hot.
  • Mirai Nikki (01-05) has an interesting premise but Amano Yukiteru is such a pathetic lead, he even sounds like pre-Rebuild (classic?) Ikari Shinji. A fortunate side effect is that I positively enjoy his terror from Yuno stalking and other Dairy Owners going after him. Minene is, unsurprisingly, my current favourite character.
  • Hotarubi no Mori e was very pleasant, appreciated the bittersweet ending but I can’t see myself rewatching.
  • Second SYD OVA very hoohum, by the numbers but, at least, the elementary segment was something new (or rather how things have not really changed). I wonder what became of Koyama-sensei thereafter?

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  1. Given Mio’s attire at home, I guess the hadaka apron was just a matter of time – naked panda was probably a little more revealing though…

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