[Stripey] Fall 2010 Pick #1 – Yosuga no Sora ~ Turning the tide of the Siscon wars

Imouto goddess of the tanuki - Kasugano Sora

The proud warrior race of the tanuki, renowned for their ferocity on the buffet table and tenacity in procrastination, has been waging a losing war against the Zaku h0rdes, minions of the heretical Siscon sect – Oneeism. Their supreme leader, Zyl, aided by his babelicious champions – Oto-nee (DCIISS), Saki-nee (Hatsukoi Limited), Mao-onee chan (Kimikiss) and Touko-nee (Bungaku Shoujo)  have martyred countless of tanuki-warriors who refused to renounce their Imouto-faith.

But all is not yet lost. Prophecy speaks of a saviour, an moelicious Imouto. Crowned with light hair arrayed in twin-tails, she dons a frilly one-piece that retaliates with tsundere tirade when attacked. Her lolicious frame belies her powerful siscon aura – known to elevate tanuki stats a thousand fold . Her true form – The Frilled Bikini – has only been mentioned once in tanuki lore. Legend has it that the rodent armies returned victorious but blind on that ancient day. (Non-canonical texts claimed the triumphant host blinded themselves to, in their own words, “forever brand the rapturous sight of their goddess onto their minds“.

In addition, the tanuki’s megami of victory does not descend onto the mortal realm alone. She is guided by the eroge-to-anime sage of the West – FEEL, who orchestrated the astounding victories in the Battle of Otoboku (2007) and DCIISS (2009). With blessed wisdom of FEEL directing the tsundere thrusts of our sister-champion, the Imouto sect should RISE ONCE AGAIN!

Now the tanuki forces just need to hold out til the awakening of their goddess in October.

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      1. *starts passing out Tanuki Warning flyers at beaches.

        on a personal basis i prefer formal dress to bikinis’

        Elegance >> sexy

      2. on a personal basis i prefer formal dress to bikinis’

        Ahh, we’re on the same page then. :) you’d realise I have very few swimsuits figures in my PVC collection. Of course my definition of ‘elegant’ is probably different as seen from my penchant towards goth-loli and maid uniforms.. XD

    1. “Thank you for calling Comfort Girls Cabs booking hotline. All our operators are currently occupied. Your call is important to us. Please hold the line and a comfort relations officer will speak to you shortly. *jingle*”

  1. “…returned victorious but blind on that ancient day.” hahah, great line! :)
    Can only hope there are no cabbage-heads in sight for this~

    1. LOL! Personally I’m more worried for Fortune Arterial (another Fall series airing in Oct) since AUGUST seems jinx when their game receive the anime treatment. Let’s see…

      Princess Holiday – A hentai anime which I don’t know much about but Dark Stripey wasn’t impressed.

      Hani Hani Operation Santuary – The 15 min per ep format killed any semblance of a flowing, coherent story.

      Brighter than dawning blue - Our infamous cabbage love.. XD

      Fortune Arterial – ????

      Good news is that FA is in the very capable hands of FEEL and ZEXCS. We’ll just have to wait and see if AUGUST’s jinx is broken with FA. :)

      1. Good news is that FA is in the very capable hands of FEEL and ZEXCS. We’ll just have to wait and see if AUGUST’s jinx is broken with FA. :)

        That is the best news I’ve heard all day. I’ve been fearing the August curse for the same reasons as you are, but knowing it’s Feel and ZEXCS involved, I’m cautiously optimistic now. I wonder if the infamous cabbage will get a cameo though…

        And while I know nothing about the story, that picture and the knowledge she’s a tsundere is already enough to make me look forward to Yosuga no Sora in October now…although I’ll admit I’m a sucker for good character designs and bishoujo in general…

  2. Stripey, that was simply epic. What is it about Sora that makes fans out of people like myself, even if we don’t know her story? Flat-chested tsundere characters aren’t hard to find, so what’s special about her? She gave me a furry striped tail – and I’m a frog!

    Praying fervently for Yosuga no Sora to be a good show.

    1. She gave me a furry striped tail – and I’m a frog!

      Quote. Of. The. Month!!! XD

      You know, I’m EXACTLY like you. I know next to nothing about Yosuga no Sora save for the pretty pictures and that siscon is involved… then again I suppose those are already very STRONG reasons for us to be excited about the show. :)

  3. Ah you’re enlightened indeed. :)

    I look forward to the day when rodent and mecha can marched united under an indiscriminate bishoujo banner where love shall be shared equally amongst imouto, onee-sama, twin-tailed tsunderes and light-haired lolis and all the 328 lovely forms of 2D bishoujos.

    But as they say, the road to utopia is paved with the blood of martyrs. For our future bishoujo republic (which needs to evolved from moderate Imouto monarchy of course), the tanukis shall fight on!!

    Sora-sama, we await your descent!! :P

  4. Kinda curious, as I was re-watching my anime collection, I realize the Tanuki never made any mention of one of the greatest Imouto in anime history – Sasami.

    1. Sasami as in Tenchi Muyo? Oh yes, I heart her and believe ultimately Tenchi will come round and pick her :)

      I suppose I don’t talk about her a lot because I haven’t seen much of the Tenchi franchise. :)

      1. err… as of GXP, Tenchi is picking every girl. A true Harem Master.

        And you really catch up with the Tenchi Muyo franchise which is one of the pioneers of the Harem Anime genre.

  5. Yes! The light haired bishoujo of the good ole days of taihen desu~

    She definitely needs to return to the sidebar :D

    Damn! I was going to just go to bed, but NOOO now you’ve got me watching the PV and looking up all the VAs and aaaaaagh oh my god I can’t wait for this :3

    That outfit that our wonderful goddess is wearing on the train in that PV, the way she has her hair, her posture and attitude… hits every note just right. Is it fall yet?

    1. Nazarielle… you… you remember her from Taihen days?!! *Moved to tears*. :)

      Was counter infected by your enthusiasm and hunted down the full PV to finally also understand why

      1) The choice of director (CV reads mainly hentai works)
      2) The full PV was initially not available on Youtube.

      While I’m pleased with the… erm… direction the anime has chosen XD, I’m concerned fanservice may oust plot out as the tale proceeds. Hoping the anime would retain the fine nuances of the PV and stay focused on the drama /characters. :)

      1. Remember?! How could I not remember a drop dead gorgeous light haired loli like that? I was overcome with despair when the site changed and she wasn’t there anymore. Sora really struck a perfect chord with me, even if I didn’t know her name until I finally went looking for her after the site changed.

        I’m a bit more concerned now as well. I fear horribly cliche harem antics with overdoses of fanservice. I’m definitely with you in being pleased that the anime seems to be taking the proper path, but I am concerned with how it will be dealt with. I’m tempted to go spoiler searching to find out more about the story, but I hope I can resist.

        In any case, I’m definitely in the mood for a romance story heavy with drama, conflict, emotions, and plenty of taboo. I just hope they focus more on that than the fanservice. Or rather, that they focus on the kind of fanservice I enjoy. Blushing, teary-eyed Sora is much preferred to bizarrely bouncing breasts. But really, I’m more excited than ever for this show. Anyone have a time machine? :p

      2. *wipes more tears away* Yeah I remember it was Sora and Feena who adorned my sidebar back then :)

        You sure you not tanuki? If we ever set up a Bishoujo Republic, I want YOU to be the President. (I’d just settle for the Minister for Harem affairs). Agree with EVERYTHING you wrote. Like yourself, I’m staying off more research on Sora so that I’d be able to enjoy it without prejudice. And wow your beautiful vision of a “romance story heavy with drama, conflict, emotions, and plenty of taboo” EXACTLY what I had hope to see with a dash of that exquisite fanservice you have so eloquently described. Noted the same “bizarrely bouncing breasts” in the PV…

        You sure you not tanuki again? XD

  6. Just watched the full PV and I can see why it’s hard to find on youtube. I can also see why it’s airing on AT-X >_> But most importantly, furiously blushing Sora = so unfair. /melts

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