Angel Beats! 12 Chain Reaction

Kabitzin correctly anticipates my complete approval of Yurippe’s decision; verily Onee-sama > Kami-sama.

  • Aroduc, AstroNerdBoy, Hung, Jinx JTFish and Julius Firefocht draw Matrix comparisons; something else that Kabitzin correctly anticipated in his first Angel Beats! post.
  • Hanners‘ bus metaphor: “you could arguably drive a double-decker bus through, and despite its occasionally almost schizophrenic blend of humour, drama and emotion, Angel Beats! has been nothing if not a wonderfully entertaining and fascinating ride” – and yet I don’t detect any worry that the ending will be a trainwreck a la SUNRISE, just anxiety caused by high expectations.
  • Landon compares Angel Beats! to The Prisoner; I am a bad dog, no biscuit for me. D:
  • Mystlord probably speaks for all of us: Highs and lows, what is the world, I am disappoint and cheated; oh please end well (enough).
  • Raph is disappoint in how Yuri was handled but concedes that he “will give Angel Beats! this: I’m glad that the creators didn’t make Yuri choose to become the God of the world (with her choosing instead to stay true to her friends). At least, in this respect, they stayed true to the character they’ve created for her.” Never mind plot inconsistency, what breaks stuff for me is character inconsistency.
  • steelbound recalls a character from Cowboy Bebop; I am aghast I cannot remember it.
  • TJ’s entry makes me think that the main purpose of this episode was to set the scene for Yuri to be able to pass on in the final episode rather than just ja-jamming it in then.

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  1. Don’t you guys ever read the name of the author? I “wrote” it not Novajinx. Protip: if it’s one big troll and contains less than two sentences there’s a 99% chance I wrote it.

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