Angel Beats! 09 Chain Reaction

I stood in for Kabitzin for the SS!AB Summary/Reaction post of this episode. Selected compilation of what others are saying:

  • Raph compares the Train Survivor segment to Lord of the Flies. The key differences, of course, is that, in AB!, the social conditioning of the cast is much stronger, the time spent in isolation was much shorter with the existential threat much more immediate in lieu of quick rescue.
  • Landon picks up on how Yuzuru’s quest to “save” everyone in the SSS actually does violence to them as autonomous individuals; thankfully neither the words alterity or Levinas show up. Similar outrage (who died and made you God, Yuzuru) is expressed by FlareKnight. Similar sentiment but expressed with a different (Lockean) framework from Mystlord who compares it to Evangelion. I had some unease with the messiah complex but I suppose it should be fine as long as the others are not forced to disappear e.g. Iwasawa.
  • Kurogane has his suspension of disbelief severely strained by the inordinately long seven day rescue;  it could be easily explained away by the train incident happening within the context of a much larger disaster e.g. a huge earthquake. Remember 1995 Kobe earthquake where the response was agonzingly slow?
  • Josh‘s understanding of Kanade’s nature (Angel or human?) is destablized by this episode and speculates that, if human, she will have the worst pre-afterlife of all. I’m not sure why but I’ve never doubted that she was human from the time she said so in the first episode.
  • Divine considers Yuri to be the “last boss” and is “conflicted” over the prospect of the SSS disappearing as the series draws to a close. Methinks everything depends on *how* they disappear.
  • Aroduc points out the realization of the afterlife school’s purpose should have been realized in Ep 3. I suppose things are always easier to see when you’re not in the mix yourself.