4th×kiss: The Qualification to be Lovers

Kids wish for the darnest things


Keita finds Ako and Riko praying at the shrine. An important piece of background in their relationship is revealed. Keita renews his determination to pass the high school exam.


This chapter goes a long way in explaining the historical basis of the current dynamics between Keita and his twin step-sisters. Almost ten years ago, he had wished to marry them, yes, that’s right, *both* of them and was in despair when he found out, not too long later, that polygamy is illegal in Japan.  Crucially, although he destroyed the wishing plaque in his father’s presence, Keita never retracted the wish in front of Ako and Riko.

Firstly, the issue of incest never comes up as an objection. The fact that they can marry because they are not blood-related conveniently ignores Japanese marriage law‘s prohibition against marriage between step-siblings. But I suppose this is regarded as an obstacle that is surmountable with deed polls, clever lawyering or using another jurisdiction; certainly it is something that is a lot more surmountable than real blood relation.

Secondly, we have seen from the preceding chapters that the parents do not object to Keita marrying Ako or Riko but the key assumption is that he is free to marry anyone of them. As we have seen from the sisters’ competitive antics, that’s their assumption too. Already at that young age, Keita already has some inkling that Ako and Riko are a package deal; choosing one and necessarily leaving the other behind who hurt them all in varying degrees. Getting the girl/guy(‘s confession) is often taken as the end point (when it is really Just The Beginning) in harem rom-com anime but, if the Kitsutaka sisters of Asura Cryin’ 2 has shown us anything, it’s that getting the girl/guy in the wrong way ends up horrendously damaging all involved.

Thus the present situation. It seems that Keita is an all-or-nothing guy; if he can’t have both of them as his wives, he has decided that he will be together with them and in the relationship that enables him to do so- as their younger brother. The twins obviously don’t see it that way and both continue to hope that he will choose one of them and that they will be able to manage the repercussions somehow. The follow-up question, which is the subject of the next chapter, is: Despite being portrayed as popular hotties in their school, why do they pine for Keita?

2 thoughts on “4th×kiss: The Qualification to be Lovers

  1. He may not be able to marry both of them, but what about living together? Screw marriage, you can just live together and have your cake and eat it too! Well, I guess if they went that way there would be no story to tell!

    1. Yeah I think that three-party coalition cohabitation is the way to go. They are a bit too young, at this stage of the story, for that though.

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