State of the passion – 2D harem bliss

One of the defining moments of a man’s life is when he resolutely puts down his hunting rifle and swears an oath of everlasting fealty to only one woman; knowing full well that younger, shapelier models are emerging even as the ink on his marriage certificate dries. There are various reactions to this act. Parents see it as the attainment of true adulthood. Single friends (a small minority) of the happy couple decry the union as the ultimate betrayal while other swinging bachelors deem the forsaking of the forest for a tree to be utter insanity.

That would describe the current state of my 2D passion.

Well, almost with one major difference. The great thing about 2D passion is that you’re not bound by law to have one love/wife. You can have as many as 3000 concubines (ala kings of ancient China although the tanuki disapproves since there just ain’t enough love to go around). The reason why my entries are drying up on Hontouni is instead of raising time and emotional capital to follow current series, I’m spending the well-deserved time on tried and tested old loves. In other words, my daily allotment of anime is reserved for my anime DVDs/artbooks

Unlike many who collect DVD/artbooks, I actually try to enjoy my 2D purchases whenever possible. I would watch a couple of anime scenes and try to go through one of my artbooks nightly. Given that wife, house chores, anime and artbooks jostle for the 4 measly hours of free time I have daily (between getting off work and sleeping), the 2D passion fights a losing battle against wife chan and the dishes. Anime DVDs get priority over ongoing downloads because the tanuki’s act of purchasing an anime DVD is tantamount to his matrimonial promise to love/cherish the video content.

For those concerned about the health of the tanuki’s 2D love (from the lack of Hontouni posts), I thank you and assure you that it is bursting with so much vitality that it’s breaking my bank (I have been spending an average of S$500 monthly on anime DVD/bluray and artbooks since the start of the year). Indeed, given the 80 artbooks and 50 anime DVD series in my possession, it does look like I would be living in 2D harem bliss for quite a while more.

Anime DVD harem needs MOAR loving

10 thoughts on “State of the passion – 2D harem bliss

  1. so 3d would just have to threated to set the entire kit on fire to get you to do dishes? :P

    PS: Dishwasher. Get.

    PSS: Oniichan~~

    1. LOL! Getting out the durians does the job sufficiently :P

      The truth is I enjoy doing dishes.. since it’s one of those chores I can do and watch anime simultaneously. :)

      1. That depends on how much attention the anime requires. Remember the time I took over your ironing because that was the only way you could catch all the nuances of the Nadeko arc in Bakemonogatari?

      2. LOL! Once again thanks bro for helping out.

        Dish washing is a lot less hazardous than ironing. :) With dishes, I can keep my eyes peeled on the screen. Impossible for the iron. XD

  2. I am revisiting all the stuff I bought in days long since past though mostly because bandwidth out here sucks. You could invest in a automatic dishwasher, it’s not like you seem to be hurting for cash… You could also load a bigger picture so we can mock and/or praise your purchases.

    1. Bigger pic embedded! Dish washing is a manly duty performed only by the master of the household – a privilege I would not be delegating to a machine anytime soon… (What brands are good? Japanese brands?)

      And we continue to pray for your safety :)

  3. I could never get tired of younger, shapelier models coming out every year…

  4. Bro, how about monetizing it and starting a DVD rental service? =D

    in any case, we need to check out your stash soon!

  5. Yes you must come! As for the rental service, given how I luuurve my 2D purchases (even anime DVDs), I wouldn’t want some stranger ravaging them anytime soon! XD

    How about I charge you and the CS gang a token sum when you do drop by? :)

    Looking fwd to catching you when you return!

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