Koji Oe ragequits fansub watching

Good grief, if ever there was a thankless job, fansubbing would be it. The trigger was:

I’ve gotten so tired of fan sub groups and their shitty subs and fitting in over 9000 internet memes into one episode. So f*ck fan subs. [Doh, forgot about the AnimeNano filter.]

I have my pet gripes wrt some fansub groups re: timeliness, (lack of) completion, (adaptation of) honorifics, (lack of xdcc/weak seeding) distro, (retreat of AVI) encoding blah blah blah but, at the end of the day, hey it’s free (as in beer), thanks guys and gals for all your hard work!  Well at least one positive is that Koji Oe will be using his aggressive feelings to become a Dark Lord of Badass Raw Watching (BRW) and Watching Anime for Enjoyment. All the best!

The feasibility of BRW varies from series to series though. As absolute0 observed:

When Mouryou no Hako came out, I attempted to blog from the raws but the show proved too difficult for my Nihongo skills. In the end, I stopped blogging about it.

I can’t help but fantasize about how Japan Foundation, JESS and JAM will put together some kind of certification scheme around a Japanese Anime Language Proficiency Test where JALPT N1 means you are officially recognized to be able to go forth and BRW Ghost in the Shell, GA:GADC, Yuki Nagato’s explanations etc. without any problems. No guarantees about its usability outside  outside of Akiba, Otome Road and Nakano Broadway though.

2 thoughts on “Koji Oe ragequits fansub watching

  1. Is it a slow news day or something? I feel like this is an attack on me and I’m not sure exactly why. I mostly got angry not because of the memes. I mean, that was some of it. I saw the rainbow colored fabulous in the Heroman subs and I’m like, “Ok that’s it.” Honestly though I really need to stop watching subbed Japanese anything if I really want to learn this language, and find a job dealing with it.

    1. Yes, slow news day but I have been following your Japanese language studies with great interest. And sure, it was an attack as I disagree with the manner of your outburst though, to re-emphasize, I have no disagreement with your decision – it is, after all, up to each individual whether they want to watch fansubs or not.

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