Nodame Cantabile Finale

By the power of old age and treachery, I will defeat the young ones!!

I was pretty disappointed with the manga’s ending and so, despite retroblogging the first season and Paris-hen, held off on episode blogging for Finale. I did watch it though to see if the anime would change my mind about the manga’s conclusion. It hasn’t.

I left a comment over at Rabbit Poets:

But I’m still more than a little cheesed off since it’s not even the beginning of the end, just the end of the beginning for their story and it’s disappointing to see things left off without at least some of kind of dramatic finale or, at least, some tying in back to the beginning i.e. playing piano in the room full of trash.

I have since learnt that there is a one volume sequel entitled Nodame Cantabile Encore – Opera-hen. Reading just the first (and so far only available) scanlated chapter has reinforced my feeling about how the story has ended at the end of the beginning. I understand that it’s often counter-productive to prolong a story after a certain point and especially if the mangaka wants to stop – her heart won’t be in it thereafter. But Opera-hen shows that this story is very alive, kicking and screaming to be told. *goes off to scream WRRRYYYYYYY and other such stuffs*

Surprisingly I’ve come to like the Tanya and Yasunori pairing a lot. Despite their disastrous first meeting, they’ve helped each other become better musicians and better people.

But it feels sooo right

Yasunori x Tanya even manage to steal Nodame’s limelight when they visit their old college in Japan (with a mention about the above subtitle line too). I had such a good laugh from the excellent buildup and then takedown. Certainly I would love to see Opera-hen animated.

2 thoughts on “Nodame Cantabile Finale

  1. Do people think Opera-hen is the source for the Spring 2010 OVA?

    I agree that there wasn’t anything definitive in Finale to make it seem like the ultimate conclusion, but too much drama is bad for any relationship, so the tension that sets up the story would have to be found elsewhere. Maybe Chiaki starts drinking heavily and is thrown out of Roux-Marlet?

    Seriously, I enjoy the characters, and the “setting” (not Paris, I mean the world of classical musicians), so I wouldn’t mind watching more if the mangaka were truly inspired to write it.

  2. I doubt so. Am guessing that it will be like the post Paris-hen OVA which animated the Matsuda parts that were in the manga but been excised from the anime. If it follows the same pattern, the Spring 2010 OVA should deal with the mysterious hitherto unseen loli Russian composer from upstairs.

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