[Hontou Ni 4koma] Let’s Just Enjoy Blogging

Does not compute.


Past two weeks have been hectic (JLPT3, work on weekends, diarrhea, power failure etc.) and have fallen far behind in my blogging. Based on the SS! Winter 2010 Preview, it looks like I will only be catching Nodame Finale so will resume Railgun and Asura Cryin 2 then. I can’t believe the series I’m most up-to-date, wrt blogging, is Kampfer. I guess I just need my weekly Natsuru Girl Type fap fix.

7 thoughts on “[Hontou Ni 4koma] Let’s Just Enjoy Blogging

  1. The tanuki brings all the lolicons to the yard… I guess? :p

    JLPT huh? I didn’t know you were learning Japanese, just figured you had picked up some moonrunes along the way at some point. Good luck with that, I wish I could discipline myself and get myself learning it, would really be handy.

  2. Naz – I haven’t taken any classes or done any formal studies for years. You could say this was more a Japanese Language (from Anime/Manga) Proficiency Test. orz

    Aorii – OEG?

  3. Hope you feeling better bro. :)

    Are you suggesting a ‘normal’ person don’t enjoy fa… never mind. :P

    1. You mean everyone else also bases their enjoyment of everything on fapability as the main criterion?

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