Kampfer 07

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Natsuru, who can control his transformations much better now, heads out to Sakura’s but finds that Shizuku and Akane are coming alone. Their respective Entrails Animals also tag along. Sakura’s parents are away as they are diplomats and the apartment is filled with rare edition Entrails Animals. Sakura proposes they play the Packy game, the first match-up being Akane x Shizuku, where the latter completely overwhelms the former. Second match-up is Akane x Natsuru but the packy stick breaks. Sakura gives up on her plan and proceeds to show them her room full of her babies. Shizuku asks which is her favourite and Sakura picks Burnt Alive Lion which resembles her elementary school manga design. Mikoto suddenly turns up with her vat of curry. After dinner, Sakura reminds Natsuru of her promise to stay over. Shizuku pours curry on Natsuru which sends Mikoto into berserker mode for wasting curry but Sakura is grateful for Shizuku’s suggestion that Natsuru take a bath.

Natsuru tries to change back into a guy but is constantly interrupted by Sakura who tries to join her but is interrupted by Akane and Mikoto. Taking advantage of everyone being distracted, Shizuku investigates Burnt Alive Lion. After changing into pajamas, Natsuru changes back into a guy while alone in Sakura’s room and she sneaks into bed with him. Kampfer Akane interrupts, firing away and Natsuru changes back into Kampfer form to defend Sakura who is none the wiser, having fainted. Just as Akane is about to confess to Natsuru, a White Kampfer Rika appears but Shizuku joins the fray, she retreats. After tucking in still unconscious Sakura, Natsuru is asked by Shizuku if she did anything with Sakura in bed which she denies. Shizuku wonders if she is jealous.


This episode has some really LOL dialogue, like Akane citing CITES and Natsuru’s Stripeysian argument about why Sakura must be allowed to live. The handwave to explain Sakura not noticing the walkin’ talkin’ Entrails Animals was just barely plausible – she might be all focused on Natsuru but she’s still a Entrails Animals maniac! And now we know – at least wrt Burnt Alive Lion – Sakura buys them commercially rather than making them herself. Though the image of Alien Queen still flashed into my mind when she called them her babies.

Shizuku was pretty freakin’ amazing in the way she handled Akane during the Packy kissing game – I kept thinking of Yomi from Ga Rei Zero too! But given Akane’s aggression in her game with Natsuru, Ms Mild Manners can only be satisfied by The Blue One.

What Others Are Saying:

  • Shizuku seemed to expect a development like White Kampfer with her remark that they are now on the move. I was really surprised as I didn’t detect this in the OP. I can’t tell if DS was being sarcastic or not though.
  • And I really can’t agree with DS characterizing Pocky as part of the phallic Yum Yum trope. Questions of thinness aside, there’s much too much biting involved. Yikes.
  • divine speculates on "how they smell after eating that curry." I’m sure they can fend off the ants but if it were up to me, it’s into the washing machine with you lot!!

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3 thoughts on “Kampfer 07

  1. I like the Yomi reference, there’s quite some truth to it, I think. Shizuku is somewhere in the middle between Yomi and Senjougahara…

  2. Anything long like that that girls put in their mouths is fair game to be considered a phallic symbol. In fact, since Natsuru is in female mode, the chomping and snapping of the packy stick could well represent his own situation regarding Sakura and Akane (Shizuku though prefers boys…).

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