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I’ve never bothered to put up a page dedicated to my figures mostly because my collection is small – after three years, the grand total is still a very modest 18. But even if the number continues to grow slowly, it will be useful to have a page will allow me to keep track of my collection at a glance.

Currently the page just shows links (to the manufacturer’s site where possible) and an incomplete storage shot but I plan to put in a portrait gallery (a la Stripey) as well as a gallery of photo shoots (a la Adun or Xebek) once I get more photo-taking done and processed.


In the meantime, I present some statistics. Alter makes up the bulk of my collection (44%) and, surprisingly, Kotobukiya only managed one (6%) despite being a major manufacturer holding the rights to many popular series.

Another trend is how certain makers had a very good run wrt one particular anime series, like the way Megahouse’s Lunamaria trio was clearly the best of all the offerings released or how MaxFac’s Haruhi line was just head and shoulders above everything else thrown up by the competition.


Most of my figures were pre-ordered from A Certain Anime Goods Shop. Three COTS acquisitions in Singapore each have their own stories. Yurika illustrates how the element of chance can play a big role in buying and selling; Kano had retrieved her from a corner of the stock room and put on her sale (at a sale price) for not more than two days when I walked in, fresh from a Nadesico rewatch. Her comment: "Sometimes figures can sit there for ages. But some of them find buyers really quickly." Serendipity, it lives.

I didn’t pre-order Alter Asa as Stripey commented that, based on the initial pre-release photos, her thighs looked fat; I had to see the final product for myself first particularly as, with good lighting, photography and photoshopping, pre-release photos often look better than the actual figure. Also given that the figure was released well after SHUFFLE! or even SHUFFLE! Memories had aired, I felt fairly confident that, even if I didn’t place a pre-order, stock availability would be fairly good – there’s still at least one on the shelf at A Certain Anime Goods Shop when I visited last month.

I had missed the initial pre-order boat for Saber Lily but some fickle souls appeared to have let go of their preorders so I managed to snag one. Wa~ha~ha~ Lucky!

Another two were off Japanese shelves during my Comiket 72 visit to Tokyo. Scouring the shelves of Akiba, Nakano and Otome Road can turn up some gems that I couldn’t find at local or online shops. It’s just astounding how rare the first RAHDX Lunamaria is; in contrast the third (and most beautiful) figure was so plentiful that even a humorous (Animate?) shop assistant put up a pitiful "I’m a heroine! I’m a heroine too! T_T" sign on her box.

E-Bay was the online shop of choice when I bought MaxFac Ryoko and Alter Jo. Both were bought from Japanese sellers and even though the shipping and handling costs were painful, the sellers were extremely responsive and responsible. Goods were shipped out within hours of payment and arrived in immaculate condition, even the protective packaging was, for a lack of better word, beautiful.

Final acquisition method was receiving two figures, namely the third Megahouse Lunamaria and Alter Nadie, as gifts from friends. Much appreciated. Especially since, in both cases, I got exactly what I wanted. Mostly due to the givers paying for a pre-order that I had already placed. :)

8 thoughts on “Putting up a Figures Page

  1. Oohhh, I love figure stats. Some thoughts.

    - Kotobukiya figures are not quite up your alley since they focus mainly on moelicious characters – many from eroges.

    - Megahouse Lunamaria didn’t have proper competition from the big 4 possibly due to licensing. Bandai’s own line of lesser quality GS figures were simply ghastly.

    - I still feel tempted everytime I see Alter Asa. But you know my stand on 2D slender legs XD

    - I should make some of these lovely pies too. :)

    1. Koto. As you pointed out, one thing is that I don’t buy figures from series I haven’t seen. But also for those that I’ve seen their sculpts don’t really appeal to me – their 4-Leaves division is much better though.

      Yes, Bandai should just stick to making Gunpla. Big 4 who? Koto, GSC, Alter and ? Max Fac is a GSC division.

      Alter Asa will balance out your dominant pinks with some earth tones and greenery but it’s really not a good idea to acquire another daughter if you don’t love her enough. :p

      wrt pies, I’m always on for a TASTE of Winry’s APPLE PIE.

      1. I’m of the opinion Koto’s 4 Leaves releases are overpriced. Their “caught-with-panties-down” Asa is a good example. A 1/10 masquerading as a 1/8 commanding 1/7 price. :P

        GSC is the umbrella company for many figure makers including MaxFac. (Others include Gift, Lilics, Freeing, Atelier Sai, Kaiyodo, Orchid Seed, Chara Ani, Movic, Wani books etc). Their lines of products remain distinct as seen in Wonderfests where both GSC and MaxFac would promote their own sculpts.

        Ahh that explains why MaxFac does not appear on your pies. :)

    1. Ah, that’s the secret pie with ‘Kidnapped for Ransom’ and ‘On "Loan" from Stripey cuz Verboten by Mrs Stripey’

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