Sasameki Koto 03

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Thinking of the Tomoe x Miyako kiss, Ushio goes into another one of her yuri spree modes. She gets the idea of practice makes for the perfect first kiss from Hiyori. Frustrated that anyone of a suitable height is ok for practice (and therefore not her), Sumika returns to the dojo to vent her frustration after having quit a year ago because it was uncute. Ushio belatedly realizes that practice and first are incompatible and Sumika tells her it’s ok to make a mistake the first time because of the power of love. The touching moment is interrupted by Masaki whose female form is now known as Akemi-chan.

Sumika gets her hopes raised, even dreaming of taboo human transmutation gone wrong, when Ushio asks to meet her in class at 530pm. From Sumika’s heartfelt advice earlier, Ushio has got the impression that Sumika is in love with a guy and offers to help her with first kiss practice with the power of the beta capsule. Which Sumika accepts after just a wee bitty bit of initial hesitation. And they are seen by Tomoe and Miyako. After the credits, Sumika calls Ushio to try and clear up the misunderstanding but has not managed to confess yet.


Two points up for Sumika in this episode. First for her internal struggle prior to the evening meeting. I loved how her rational side, that said it was not possible that her dearest wish of Ushio confessing to her would be coming true, was eventually and utterly overwhelmed by her emotional side when it came to the crucial moment. After last week’s emphasis on her coolness and almost superhuman abilities, this made her very human and sympathetic. It’s like emotion-based investing – everyone knows to buy low and sell high but how many people can actually do it with their own money?

Second for her graceful acceptance of Ushio’s offer to practice. Even if it was with Ultraman cosplay. Having just had her hopes dashed and crushed yet again, it showed how Sumika is pragmatic (taking what she can get) but, more importantly, still full of raising heart as she did not let the very bitter disappointment cause her to walk away from this sincerely offered gesture (with tiptoe FTW) like the way she did in the earlier episode.

What Others Are Saying:

  • divine likes "It’s such a simple theme, but they played it up so well here." The evening classroom meeting, confession and kiss is such a trope. Probably only just slightly less prevalent than the school rooftop as a venue. Erica mentions how this series is full of tropes but also felt that, on balance, "it does pretty well".
  • Likewise Shinmaru enjoyed the balance of comedy and drama. I also noticed the effective use of awkward silences. Lots of sight/sound effects (like a passing wind or rolling tumbleweed) can be hamfisted like canned laughter in comedy shows but when they get it right, especially via a subtle setup, it’s a classic. My personal all-time favourite is the bamboo pole sales call at the end of the first episode of Kare Kano.
  • Oddly Shinmaru’s post was the only one to turn up on AnimeNano at the time of posting. Either there’s been a collapse or lag in blogging interest in this series or there’s some kind of technical fault in the retreive by tag/category system… (more likely the latter since divine’s post didn’t show up either even though RC is aggregated).

I’m really looking forward to how they will introduce Akemi-chan as a female student in the school. Take that, Sennou Natsuru!

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    1. Sumika certainly has got a very active imagination. This was also a great opportunity to go for FMA jokes but I decided to go He-Man for the screencap titles instead.

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