Hakko flees the zombified Unblooms; Liang Qi tries to persuade her to use her power to attack Canaan. The attempt fails and Hakko turns her brain-destroying voice on Liang Qi instead. The first try fails on account of the miracle of the mute button and the second try mortally blows Santana’s mind instead. Stricken by grief, Hakko wanders the complex repeatedly muttering her confession of love. Due to Liang Qi turning her noise-cancelling headphones inside out, only Canaan is affected but is saved by Minoru and Hakko making golden sparkles. Meanwhile, Maria and Yun Yun discover the joys of Unbloom headgear and stumble upon the Flower Garden where earlier failed clones of Canaan have been put on ice. Natsume soon turns up and is still pissed off at Maria for Canaan’s implication that she has no friends.


I was completely LOL at Hakko throughout this episode, almost as much as Liang Qi. Goodness, the second attack was such an obvious setup. Hasn’t she ever seen the OP of the original Inspector Gadget cartoon when Gadget spins Dr Claw’s chair around, slams a pair of cuffs onto the (decoy) claw, only to find a bomb on the (otherwise empty) seat which promptly blows up? At least Santana died happy at the end of his guilt trip. Probably because it’s Minoru’s turn to experience the agony of being unable to sleep with Hakko for fear of having her blow his brains out.

Interesting turnaround with Canaan’s now-returned powers being used specifically against her. And the retrospectively unsurprisingly twist that Natsume is up to no good. Alphard-oneesama’s intentions remain unclear. One of my earlier grumbles, about CIA-Snake being cavalier about allowing Borners running free, has also been withdrawn. Since it was Alphard that decided to let Santana take Hakko away from the Factory but it was just a change of jailers instead; verily Alphard-oneesama understands the joys of outsourcing.

6 thoughts on “CANAAN 10

  1. Liang’s turning into a “how-to” of simultaneously being genuinely evil and thoroughly hilarious. Animu needs moar of this kind of character writing.

    Also, it’s obvious all the time she’s spent around Trollmaster Alphard didn’t go to waste.

  2. Minoru is a member of House Colasour, his immortality makes him the perfect partner for Hakko. Despite all the abuse she endured over the years Minoru will treat he like a queen, much in the same manner as Patrick treated Kati. Even if Hakko is a team killer, Minoru is nigh in destructible as I hypthesize that not even Gundam LAZORS can kill him.

    HakkoxSantana got what they deserved for being ungrateful about Alphard’s affection for Hakko. Alphard let Hakko go so that she might be happy but instead of living happily ever after as a token of Alphard onee-sama’s generosity they chose to nurture a desire for revenge and blamed Alphard for what happened despite the general knowledge that Santana did the spraying.

    Liang Qi has learned much troll-fu from Grand Troll Master Alphard onee-sama. Now one final test remains…Liang Qi must use the same troll twice…

    I am surprised that there are no screen caps of Liang Qi goodness…

    I quite like how Alphard is a mysterious onee-sama that seems to believe in love after her fight with Canaan Mk II. In any case Canaan is now vouching for Alphard onee-sama’s honesty and sincerity, soon her heart too will go doki doki for Alphard onee-sama.

    May Alphard onee-sama fully adore Liang Qi!

    1. wrt lack of Liang Qi screencap goodness, I’ve decided to scale back on posting screencaps in general due to (1) lack of upload capacity (my connection sucks so bad you wouldn’t believe it) and (2) hotlinking.

      In any case your posts have and will be full of Liang Qi goodness so I will leave it to your good hands. ;)

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