[Artbook] Brighter than Dawning Blue ~Moonlight Cradle~ Perfect visual book

Bound in hardcover thick enough to withstand a nuclear blast and paper quality able to deflect bullets, this 256 page ULTIMATE Yoakena artbook THE ONE TO RULE all eroge visual guidebook-wannabes. I’ll let the badly taken pictures do the incoherent babbling.

With never been seen game footages (that simply means H-scenes for Estel, Midori and the new character Cynthia), this Moonlight cradle artbook supercedes every Yoakena artbook before it. Here’s the breakdown of the artbook –

Illustration – Promo art. Gorgeous portraits etc.

Character/Story – For all the Yoakena characters. Includes H-scenes (pages which I have already glued together as per tanuki law).

Appendix Story – More H scenes of the 2 most popular Yoakena girls – Feena & Mai.

August comment – Interview with August Staff

Extras – Background CG and world guide.

Currently going for a measly 3200 yen. I’d suggest one grabs it while stocks last. Gems like this gets snapped up in a flash and soon ends up on the black market, going for more than 50 times its original price. The last I’ve heard was the yakuza has gone around threatening legitimate owners of this prized artbook to give up either the visual book or one of their limbs. And no, you don’t have to be a Feena or Yoakena fan to WANT TO acquire this. Anyone which a pulse and mental capability greater than the amoeba would enjoy Bekkankou’s bishoujos. Make haste! Cynthia (yes the Fate-lookalike) beckons….

11 thoughts on “[Artbook] Brighter than Dawning Blue ~Moonlight Cradle~ Perfect visual book

  1. Just from the few pictures of pages you’ve taken here, I believe this book should be deemed a hazardous substance capable of causing moexplosion. Although, if I had to die, in the words of Izumi Soujirou, I’d love to be moe’d to death.

    1. It. would. be. a. worthy. death. :P The pictures here are but a poor poor reflection of the pure unadulterated beauty that artbook contains. Any more and I’m sure your PC would meltdown from the mere moe-vibes emanating from nerfed pictures. :)

  2. > Appendix Story – More H scenes of the 2 most popular Yoakena girls – Feena & Mai.
    > Feena & Mai
    > Mai


  3. soo sad… im really jealous of you people being able to afford artbooks without much payment hassles Y_Y

  4. Definitely a work of art – although I think my 3D bishoujo wouldn’t approve of a book of 2D bishoujo on my bookshelf, from what I’ve seen on moe.imouto.org, if I ever did buy an artbook this would be one I’d get. Someday the Yoakena anime will get a remake with a much bigger animation budget…I can dream, at least…

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