Maria-san is being watched

My reservations WRT yuri siscon, I take them all back WRT Liang Qi. Maybe because it’s faux siscon. Or maybe because it’s Tanaka Rie goodness. It’s such a pity that she’s flagged for death but I’m going to enjoy Liang Qi goodness while it lasts – ah, so good that I’m Cummings!

By the standards of the first two eps, the third episode was a bit of letdown. Some expectation readjustment is definitely in order.

But fighting action aside, I’m well pleased with the yuri quotient. I love how Canaan has got her priorities right and that comment about how they flirt a lot was spot-on.

It’s true that Maria might have one super stalker problem if Canaan goes super stalker on her but I’m just thinking she might the one who’s inclined to do the stalking instead once Canaan’s true love makes contact.

9 thoughts on “CANAAN 2-3

  1. Comrade! I hope that you too are of the opinion that CanaanxAlphard is the OTP. Liang Qi might end up dead but I don’t think that her death is going to arrive some time soon. Until then may Liang Qi’s airsoft pellets strike you ceaselessly and joyously.

    I wonder if Cummings has one of the best jobs in the world…certainly it seems hard to keep the man down, given his habits…

  2. Ahaha, that was so awesome. I thought the ahoge ball head attack was great until the Blade ahoge assist special attack popped up!

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