Aoi Hana 2-3



I’ve been looking forward a lot to this series even though I know next to nothing about it other than the sketchiest details and general buzz in the yurisphere. Not having seen any of the manga, I was completely caught off guard by how quickly Kyouko got shot down by Sayako who then more or less pounced on Fumi on the rebound. I haven’t seen a hetero romance anime with this velocity of circulation, at least one that doesn’t have a Der Ring des Nibelungen type ending.

Hand-holding (YEA) and Childhood Friend status aside, I have absolutely no idea how the Fumi x Akira pairing is going to happen (I’m assuming it’s going to happen since the OP hath spoken) but I am looking forward to see how it unfolds.

Bonus LOL cookie for Youko’s hilarous Malloryism. So nice to see that the in-story reaction to yuri high school romance has moved on from OMG ITS END OF WORLD to Ufufufu~

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  1. Hey it’s great to see Aoi Hana has your stamp of approval, Zyl-sama! I love the story so far and I’m rooting for Achan and Fumi all the way :D Detours through yuri heaven on the way there won’t hurt either…

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