Zaku First Impressions: Aoi Hana, Bakemonogatari, CANAAN

A childhood friend is fine too

I have been tracking this series on my radar ever since Admiral Erica, over at Yuri General Staff HQ, gave advanced warning of the most anticipated yuri anime of 2009. Besides I really enjoyed my visits to Kamakura too.

Have read complaints that the Aoi Hana manga is boring and I was worried that crybaby Fumi would annoy me tremendously but the seemingly innocent conversation between Chizu and Fumi, with all those emotional undercurrents there from the outset but only coming to the surface in the wake of cake, bodes well for my enjoyment of this show.

‘Do I feel staplely?’ Well, do ya punk?

I didn’t give this series much consideration until Washi’s introduction of Sugura. Who hasn’t appeared yet. Neither have the subs at time of writing. Which is tough since this first episode is dialogue-heavy. But I’m enjoying Shinbo’s direction and pleasantly surprised by how the male lead is not simply being dragged into something but is doing the dragging of female chara instead.

This seems too violent for Author’s taste; certainly the gore of the OP gives fair warning but Hitagi’s pen knife surprise really delivered the latent violence, the sense of menace was disturbing yet intoxicating. Also a freshly unsqueaky vocal delivery by Chiwa Saitou.

OMG they killed Yoshimizu Kagami!

Before Kara no Kyoukai, I would run for the hills when I heard TYPE MOON-inspired anime. But further reconsiderations as well as hashihime’s note about Tanaka Rie and Maaya Sakamoto (even if I’m not as dedicated a fanboy as DM) being in the voice cast pretty much guaranteed that I would pick this up regardless of which side of the moon this went.

I confess to being utterly confused by the first episode but the fight scene was fun to watch and Canaan had some delightfully cute moments that subverted the whole Noir vibe set up by the SRS BZNS opening narration. It will great if an interesting plot starts to become clearer to me but, right now, I’m just enjoying the gorgeous girls and gratuitous violence.

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16 thoughts on “Zaku First Impressions: Aoi Hana, Bakemonogatari, CANAAN

  1. Most anticipated? Really? The only highlight for me in the first episode in Aoi Hana for me was Fumi peeing herself hehe. Couldn’t understand what the f took place in Monstory, other than the very detailed and very enticing pair of pink panties. Canaan’s only downside for now is that it might degrade into a yuri flick as well ww

  2. Aoi Hana is a simple, sweet and light yuri series. However, it’s not a series where I would spur to the scanlator’s site to get the most recent chapter. There’s not much drama and none are too big a drama that I would remember; sometimes, I need to recap what had happened. Hence, that is why I say Aoi Hana is boring.

    Shin, lol, that’s some weird expectations of yuri anime. :X

  3. I like Canaan seems surprisingly interesting. And Aoi Hana is … yes boring, but I like it, I guess.

  4. So are there any signs that Canaan will show even bits of yuri soon?
    Also, which fansub group is best for Canaan anyways?

  5. Well, if you’re not a yuri fan, it’s hard to most anticipate Aoi Hana.

    Panties are a universal language. GJ, Shaft!

    WRT Canaan as yuri flick, all hail Rakuen!!

  6. I guess that’s because I expected “most anticipated yuri anime” to have both characters constantly engaging in fornication or whatever it is lesbians do to show their love for one another har har

  7. ‘Simple, sweet and light’ sounds pretty good to me but I can understand completely, given your clarification, why you’d call it boring.

    BTW same Q as the one I put to Shin: What do you think of MariMite? IIRC you seem to be a fan.

  8. I prefer the anime to manga. Couldn’t make it pass volume 1 of the manga.
    MSGM is generally pleasant to watch with good character development since the Yamayurikai can only hold that many characters.

    I think some of the OVAs for season 3 is disappointing, especially the one with the athletics’s festival (something like that) is held. Season 4 went downhill a little because some of the characters that I didn’t like seem to have more screen time than the others while the ones I like (Sei) graduated. It’s also more emotionally tensed, I feel.

    PS: Just something minor but the OP for season 4 is not to my liking. XD

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