Should I give Zero no Tsukaima 3 a chance?

While engaged in the manly task of laundry, I chanced upon ep 5 of ZnT3 on the local channel – my 2nd time catching the only episode I’m seen of ZnT3. While there was the usual uninspiring harem hijinks, I was mildly surprised at the sweet moments shared by Saito and Louise at the haunted dolls mansion (Of course I also relished the earlier scenes of Tabita but that’s another tale.) and saw a spark of the magic that was Season 1 which set me wondering

Should I give ZnT 3 a chance?

I’m not sure how most view the ZnT franchise but it was akin to Mahoromatic or Da Capo IF for this tanuki – Absolutely LOVED part 1 but am been going through psycho-somatic treatment to forget part 2. ZnT for me is all about Louise and Saito. The wars, parallel worlds and even, yes EVEN the fantabulous haremettes are present to contribute to their love story. Season 1 was focused and managed to weave this main thrust into every ep in the midst of delivering a coherent story, dispensing good harem fun and dishing out endearing characters. I love Season 1 because it was a simple but well-told love story with loving-crafted bishoujos.

Season 2 inherited very little of its predecessor. Uninspiring harem situations, emphasis on side characters the viewers did not care for and most devastating of all, the shabby treatment of the key Saito/Louise relationship dealt a deathblow to my 2D ranking of ZnT. Many would point out that the final 2 eps were actually passable. But this also tells us that the production team was capable of quality which they did not apply to most of the season.

Coming back to Season 3. I have avoided the 3rd season because I know a bad season would leave such a bitter taste that I’d never be able to wash it out with the esteemed Season 1. But I’ve been heartened by what I saw this evening. Should I give ZnT3 a chance? Does the Saito-Louise relationship go anywhere this season? Would I think less of any of the characters if I pursued S3? (I loved Siesta a great deal less after Season 2 since she resorted to dishonourable means to win Saito.) Or would I burn my Louise figures after that?

Would appreciate if those who have seen all 3 seasons shed some light without divulging too much.

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  1. I haven’t seen the third season of Zero myself although from what I’ve heard it doesn’t end well. My recommendation is to just watch Hayate the Combat Butler 2nd Season instead.

    Also, check this out.

  2. No i dont think you should. Season 2 ending was a waaaay better way to leave it then with season 3. :/

  3. For me, there are just enough Saitou-Louise moments to keep watching it, although the constant “resets” to Louise in tsun-tsun whip mode just make me roll my eyes. It’s been a while since I watched the 3rd season – although I can’t put my finger on why, I remember thinking it was better than the 2nd, but not as good as the 1st season. That probably doesn’t help answer your question, but if you’re a fan of Tabitha it’s definitely worth watching since she gets a lot of screentime and some more development the second half of the third season.

  4. I remember liking the third season way more then the second season but it still didn’t meet the first season. I particularly remember episode 9 as being one of my favorites of the entire series. I also remember thinking that I wouldn’t mind watching a fourth season and yeah Tabitha finally gets some time in the series.

  5. ZnT3 is basically everything you (,me,and everyone else) hated in season 2 times 10, and nothing more. If you ever want to think about ZnT without getting sick and bursting into tears at the same time, just say no and leave it alone.

    They killed ZnT by turning it into just another fanservice show, and S3 was the final blow.

    (Keep in mind though I hate Tabitha)

  6. No….

    If your still unsure, just watch it ^^

    On hind sight though (and a little spolier), you might want to wait for a S4 and marathon them. S3 doesn’t really finsh :p

  7. It depends.

    - If you want Tabitha screentime and Tabitha getting added to the harem, yes.
    - If you want to see real Louise x Saito resolution, no. I have come to the conclusion that this relationship will never really happen, and will continue to reset meaninglessly.

    The story of season 3 starts out ok and quickly goes right into the crapper. Season 3 is never as bad as season 2, but it’s never as good as the last two episodes of season 2 either. In short, only watch season 3 if you are willing to have very low expectations and you really really like Tabitha fanservice.

  8. Personally, I liked Season 3 better since it never tried to take itself seriously. The same director was at the helm, so execution is very similar to S2. However, the new writers were keen on emphasizing fluff. Also, episode pace tends to be faster, and the characters are better utilized. Nevertheless, it’s still Yuu Kou ZnT (average fan service show).

    That said, many people hated S3 for the same reason I preferred it.

    “Does the Saito-Louise relationship go anywhere this season?”

    It’s the same story as usual. There may be tender moments and declarations of love, but you know the relationship will reset.

    Regardless of team or studio, I’d bet on the same thing happening even if the show went on for 5-6 seasons. It’s simply the model that GENCO and the other producers decided on (so like a never-ending comic strip, viewers can jump in at any point of the series and know exactly what to expect).

  9. Thanks all for a very balanced feedback. I think I’ll skip ZnT 3 after all. Much as I would LUURRVE to see Tabitha added to the harem (not so keen on Tiffiania), I think S3 would do irreparable damage to my love for the franchise – especially for haremettes. It’s a real pity really. The premise and bishoujos are so well crafted for a good romance with a sprinkling of healthy harem fun.

  10. Strangest thing is i was also curious the other day about starting up season 3, on the off chance it maybe a passable sequel. Then i realized that it’s essentially a harem show and i could be watching more engaging shows and not the same rehash of ecchi jokes.

  11. It’s painful to waste Louise/Saito do the tango ie stuck in the endless rut of tsun-tsun abuse triggered by fanservice. A even more terrible waste to see the fabulous cast of ZnT squandered in an half hearted storytelling attempt. We need a remake.

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