Minori sees like Yuuko Ishihara

Thus spake Yuuko Ishihara:

There is no such thing as coincidence, only hitsuzen.

Thus spake Lupus:

Dear Seleria, Because I’m such a BADASS LIGHT NOVEL READER, I must reveal the true reason why Taiga was “out on the street just in time for Minorin to see.” It wasn’t entirely co-incidence. After being told by Taiga that Ryuuji was going to confess to her, Minorin wanted a final confirmation that Taiga didn’t like Ryuuji, so she went to Taiga’s place. Lo and behold, she sees Taiga going emo and screaming “RYUUUUUJIIIIII WRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY”

Another reason why good comments are as good as gold, blogs are all the more richer for them.

My initial understanding of the scene was also like Seleria’s – that Minori had stumbled on Taiga’s outburst. And it made me think less of her rejection of Ryuuji. Knowing that she had been waiting, to confirm her suspicion, made her rejection seem less impulsive, more considered.

And while I’ve been royally eating my hat for initially stomping on ToraDora, this was a bad storyboarding lapse.

Totali’s reading (ambiguous)

She runs out of her house to scream Ryuji’s name, but unknown to her, Minori has seen this from not far away.

Aroduc’s reading (coincidence)

At least Minori shot him down at the end after walking in on Taiga screaming out Ryuuji’s name in the street like some kind of psychotic killer.

Omni’s reading (coincidence)

unbeknownst to her, she’s seen by Minori. Though shocked, Minori doesn’t let Taiga know that she’s there

If it wasn’t entirely clear to the three best BAD ASS RAW WATCHERS too, I’d say the fault is with the anime rather than the viewer.

My suggestions:

Further back. Show Minori’s darkened head and shoulder silhouette from behind.

Take cover, Minori! Whatever happened to cover and concealment when camping? Look, there’s a lamp post reserved for you over there.

Please don’t look so shocked. Yes, it’s still shocking to see for yourself but you had a clue. Which was why you were waiting here in the first place. Frown a bit too?

Would a whispered "I knew it" been too heavy handed?

Cover and concealment. This pillar is reserved for Kushieda.

P.S. Agree with Seleria that Minori should confess to Taiga already.

3 thoughts on “Minori sees like Yuuko Ishihara

  1. So, when we get a Taiga-tan anime, Minori will be hiding behind that pole, saying that’s it’s just by chance that Taiga-tan is on Ryuuji’s head eating melonpan, right?

    But seriously, I felt the same as (I guess) the three guys you mentioned. It seemed kinda strange that Minori just happened to be there to witness that happening. I’m glad there was actually a reason why she was there, instead of just this fantastic coincidence. I agree, a simple yappari might’ve given us a little bit more of a tip off that she was there by more than just chance, although that could still be interpreted as her just reacting to the situation in which she found herself.

  2. P.S. Agree with Seleria that Minori should confess to Taiga already.

    …personally, I kind of got the impression ▼ Show

  3. I think in the end she will have her 15 minutes with her. =] Or so to speak. Anyway, Ami’s line in the last episode pretty much sums the ambiguality of her fellings.

    ▼ Show

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