10 Tinkle outfits I'd like to buy

Tinkle really needs to start her own label. Byakuya Chakai has convinced me that Tinkle is not only an accomplished artist but also a fashion genius. If only her designs could be manufactured into 3D apparel, I’d buy up her entire range even if it meant selling off a good friend‘s gyro-stabilisers (I know, the secondary market for Zaku parts is also in the slumps now).

Nonetheless, I hope some billionaire otaku would chance on this lil post in the vast interwebs and be INSPIRED to start a fashion empire built on Tinkle designs.

Anyhow, here’s 10 Tinkle outfits I’d love to own (I emphasize – own, not wear)

If I hit the lottery, I’d have one of these custom-made for my waifu.

Not so much into hats, nekomimi but boy are those skirts short. XD

Ribbons and lace just can’t go wrong.

The purple outfit on the right is one of waifu-chan’s favourite.

The soothing blend of greens and blues…. simply breathtaking.

I know. Pictures like the one above are one of the reasons I’m a very misunderstood tanuki. Sigh the sacrifices I make in the name of art-appreciation.

Do let me know if you’re also inspired to tailor-make one for your loved ones. Maybe we can slash the prices with a bulk order.

16 thoughts on “10 Tinkle outfits I'd like to buy

  1. If only more girls in real life wore clothes that were both sexy and artistic. Hell, I’d settle and be perfectly happy with simply artistic — or in other words, fashionably unique.

    Thanks for the pictures, by the way. I had never heard of Tinkle before, and the art is fabulous.

  2. @Beowulf Lee : I doubt that , usually the person wearing it ruins the whole image , and that makes the clothes look bad

  3. If these ever ended up getting made, they’d probably be sold in the millions or something, given how incredible some of them look.
    Personally, I’d be happy with just one of Tinkle’s artbooks. For now.

  4. Now I see what your obsession has been about lately! Don’t think I’ve ever really seen much Tinkle art…it is quite nice… :)

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a situation in which lace and/or ribbons actually did go wrong. And clearly, Tinkle knows how to implement these seemingly irrelevant trinkets in a manner that’s nothing short of brilliant.

    But if you ever do find someone to make these for you, please, please don’t try them on. Or if you have to, just don’t show us :P

  6. does ur waifu knows about ur evil plan to dress her up in one of the dresses?

  7. Beowulf Lee/OneSin: I would have to agree with OneSin. More often than not, the issue with the transition from 2D to 3D lies with the model herself :P

    Nazarielle : I think the challenge is finding someone who can carry off these moelicious outfit :)

    Michael | Low on Hit Points: Glad you enjoy Tinkle’s work. Frankly few who have seen her works leave unimpressed :)

    Adun: Can I order one set from you for my wife? XD

    Zeroblade: I was going to say I’d love to Tinkle fashion throng the streets… but I’m not so sure I should… :P

    Di Gi Kazune: I recommend Mono while you wait for me to get dressed :P


    ETERNAL : Heh ok ok, I’ll spare you folks from gouging out your eyes :P

    jinyamato: She does. And I look forward to Harajuku should we ever hit Japan :)

    aurabolt : heh I think it’s just a matter of getting used to. I’ll make it all better with MORE bishoujo pictures. I promise. :)

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