Akane-iro ni somaru saka – "Nii-san" does not a good siscon maketh

Siscon appears to be getting some flak lately no thanks to AkaSaka. Intrigued by this and the remote possibility of a Minato end, I resumed AkaSaka (dropped previously at ep 3) to finish with 2 conclusions.

1) I was right to have dropped the series early.
2) AkaSaka gives siscon a bad name.

First some clarifications. It’s imperative to recognise that siscon is a plot device and hence its quality largely depends on it execution. In other words, there are good and bad siscon of which sadly AkaSaka bears the latter. So what is ‘bad siscon’? As an ingredient used mainly in romances, it pretty much follows the criteria that makes a ‘good’ romance. Here’s why AkaSaka fails on both accounts.

1) Poor basis of attraction

Save for a few misplaced kindness, I found little justifications for the girls especially Yuuhi to fall in love with Junichi. The couple spent too much of the series in superficial fights instead of growing closer. The sudden getting together in ep 10 was simply jarring.

2) Minato siscon – Too late too little

If Yuuhi-Junichi becoming an item was jarring, Minato’s behaviour in the climatic ep 10 was a dimensional rift in the plot. There just wasn’t enough build-up to warrant such a reaction. And Junichi’s best friend egging Junichi not to forsake Minato, *palmface* JUST WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?

3) Too much fillers

Items 1 and 2 would have been more tolerable if there wasn’t sooooo much garbage clogging up AkaSaka airtime. All those resources squandered on the secret-agent parents, Nagomi surveillance or Junichi’s lame inner monologues could have invested to beef up the very messed-up tale.

AkaSaka gets a very generous 6 from me on Myanimelist simply because it has 2 deeming factors – Minato and great bishoujo designs. Personally I’m very glad I don’t have a Kotori-classed sister like Minato. Mature, kind, caring yet not indulgent, she’s the perfect wife/girlfriend/sister. At the very least, Junichi DID get together with the better girl (Note: I like Yuuhi very much too but boy she’s way out of her league up against the lovely Minato). Still that’s little consolation for the poorly crafted and inconsistent siscon tale that AkaSaka aims to be. Try Da Capo instead for real siscon goodness.

8 thoughts on “Akane-iro ni somaru saka – "Nii-san" does not a good siscon maketh

  1. Wowzers even YOU say it’s terrible and you’re the siscon masta! XDDD
    I agree with you though, random 90 degree turn on Minato’s part was lame

  2. Good post…that captures why the series fell flat for me too. The character designs and the characters themselves were great, but the plot they threw them into with the out-of-the-blue switch at the end really ruined it for me–nothing against Minato, if it was better developed it could have been a touching ending, but the writing was pretty bad.

  3. I’ll pretend the Minato build-up was invisible and it came before the series even started. I want some Akane-iro prequel where she’s in the jungle living in survivor mode with the parents. She might still be a loli during that time so maybe I’ll like her that way lolz.

    Dunno, I don’t like Minato because she’s just too perfect. What else would be her character development then? While Yuuhi could have a nice story of an ojou-sama living the commoner’s way. I’m still for Yuuhi, but then I’ll never play the game anyway so I’ll forget about this series after a short while.

  4. Hinano: Haha! It’s just plain poor storytelling. They could have injected more uncertainty or occasional sparks of jealousy throughout the series to prep the audience for The Moment. Alas, that’s one good imouto wasted XD

    suguru: I cringe at almost every Junichi-Yuuhi interaction. Only 12 yr olds behave like that. *palmface* Of course they did TRY to inject some rather sweet moments but they were far and few to warrant their couplehood. XD

    bluemist: Minato’s development could come from her grappling with her taboo feelings (which is what many siscon stories try to leverage on though many unsuccessfully :P). I would have enjoy more of Yuuhi-Junichi if there was actual growth. Yuuhi’s a great character, wonderfully set up with her ojou-tsundere potential. Sadly they squandered her character. For good tsundere-growth, I recommend Zero no Tsukaima Season 1 (Note that S2 and S3 are not fit for human consumption imho :P).

  5. I couldn’t say it better myself Stripey. I remember how the series started to Air and I was really hyped about it and telling you to watch it. It was going downhill since ep but I managed to get to ep thanks to some better moments but at ep the “out of nowhere siscon” filled my cup and I haven’t even finished the series. Maybe also because I am a Yuuhi fan but end point being they wasted great characters in very mediocre anime

  6. heh I was looking forward to it too since Minato’s such a lovely sister. But as the eps progressed, I can’t help but cringe at the Yuuhi/Junichi interaction – Superficial and stagnant. It’s amazing they went anywhere. THat said I did enjoy their date ep very much. THat was a decent ep and has its sweet moments, very rare sweet moments.

    The other issue with the series was how open the characters are to siscon. By default, siscon should be frowned up. That’s the societal norm. So I thought it was totally out of place for Junichi’s friend to egg him on about Minato. And Yuuhi encouraging Minato. That’s just plain messed up and too unconvincing. Ah well, let’s hope for a good siscon tale in 2009! :)

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