Pre Trainwreck Shirley Disorder

(source) Having persuaded me to pick up Code Geass, it was not without some irony that Stripey lost his enthusiasm for R2 much earlier than me. It was particularly acute after the conclusion of Ep 13.

But, apparently, it seems that the gentle-souled tanuki is not the only one who’s suffering from PTSD. The creator of the Code Geachu parody comic (also the one behind the hilarous A’s/StrikerS Nano! parodies) recently announced he has decided to stop making his much-loved funny four panel comics; chief among the reasons was that what happened to Shirley saddened him so much that he’s been unable to continue.

How widespread is PTSD among Code Geass viewers? Have anime fans experienced a comparable condition in other series?

8 thoughts on “Pre Trainwreck Shirley Disorder

  1. I felt pretty bad, especially right after the finale, but I’m actually thinking of read/writing a fanfic or something to help me get over it. Shirley’s death made me sad, but it passed quickly.

    I suppose some people just can’t take it and prefer to stop what they’re doing (art, blogging, writing) altogether, but that’s up to each person.

    I imagine others might have felt the same with Evangelion, either the movie or TV series, since those have pretty depressing moments as well…but at the same time, there’s still more than enough people still writing or drawing Eva-related stuff these days.

  2. I’ll have to agree about Shirley’s death, it was very heart-breaking and unexpected, I thought she was going to be with us for the long-run alas it happened, abruptly if I may say so. She was one of the main reasons that kept me going with Geass(I mean she was the sanest one of the bunch, if a little love-struck), surprisingly enough I started getting into the crazy plot twists and antics of the many characters thereafter. I guess thats whats so good about it. Its multifaceted and has everything fro everyone, so anyone can enjoy the ride.

  3. I have to say that I ‘enjoyed’ Lelouch and Shirley’s final scene very much. That has to be one of the most touching exchanges in CG. However, in the grand scheme of things, I thought her death to be poorly appended and ultimately had little impact on the tale. There was little build-up and has even less of a linger unlike that other death in season 1 which continue to have repercussions right to the closing eps of season 2.

    Anyhow currently at ep 21, CGII’s plot has finally come apart. The Marianne bit was downright silly and I’m still try to reconcile their plan to what has transpired since season 1. I don’t have high hopes that they’d be convergent.

  4. @etoh: Was just about to say that. Didn’t watch/read anything after it (I tried and it was hard; gave up in the end).


  5. Shirley’s death was a sad moment for me. She was the most purely sincere character in the entire series….not a shred of duplicitousness in her at all. But then again, I’m sure she would have met a similar fate in the end as the various plots ravelled back together (albeit briefly) in the final episode.


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