Code Geass R2 Ep 20

Methinks we shall have lots of C.C. x Anya doujins to look forward to. Haruhi-sama be praised!

I’m not familiar with Asoko Dodo‘s work but her voice work for Marianne makes said chara absolutely MILFy.

So it was Marianne, not Charles, who geassed Anya. And she had contracted with C.C.! And, more importantly, constantly toyed with her too. Looking forward to the C.C. x Marianne doujins. Haruhi-sama be praised!

Cecile-nee continues to amaze. Though I would have preferred her amazing me with another flight suit scene. Has anyone seen any Cecile x Rakshata doujins yet? Onegai Haruhi-sama!

AVI vs. MKV? Or whether VLC is t3h suck? LOL

How do we tell Cornelia that Guilford died humping Lelouch’s leg while screaming her name?

Now that I’ve got the body of a pink-haired loli, the possibilities are endless… :3

6 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 Ep 20

  1. “AVI vs. MKV? Or whether VLC is t3h suck? LOL”

    Sub vs Dub, witht he advent of sub only dvds looks like that debate might be ressurected form the where 90s were bury.

    As for Doujins you forgot the marianne/AnyaXLuluXCC

  2. such a randomly cobbled together episode it seemed like… the Marianne thing really lacked the punch of a normal Geass plot development because of that if you ask me. Then again, the whole ep felt more like a setup so hopefully here is where the awesome starts.

  3. Look at it this way Zyl… At least now you can have the people suggesting Anya/Lulu screaming in terror at the thought of pseudo-Mom-con added on top of lolicon.

  4. It depends on some people I guess. ;p

    Well, no more siscon gags from here on out, but I suppose Cecile-nee and Marianne will have to suffice. If they ax the former, I’m gonna bawl my eyes out. Right, I shouldn’t say that… >_>

    Doujins pls!!

  5. “Looking forward to the C.C. x Marianne doujins. Haruhi-sama be praised!”
    how about a Anya x CC x Marianne doujins?

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