Code Geass R2 Ep 15-18

There are no irregularities to report for this blog. (o_o)

Yes, Cecile-nee was missing in Ep 15.

That has now been fixed.

The dream of every Gunpla enthusiast…

…that the meaning of being Boss is to have a harem. Even the crazy girl are belong to me.

Is that what you kids are calling it these days?

Nooo! That’s impossible…

…we’re too cute to die like that!!!!

But then again the Valkyries did show symptoms of Nameless Ensign Syndrome.

All the Energy Wing patent are belong to Cecile-nee.

When will be Cecile x Rakshata reunion!!?

I agree with Garten – I don’t think Nunnally has been vaporised. There is the Sayoko factor mentioned by Omni but she could have also been teleported out by the Emperor’s powers. Perhaps she will show up again but without her memories and wearing a new mask/helmet!

9 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 Ep 15-18

  1. LOLZ

    Since Euphy is out of the picture, Nunnally has to live otherwise we won’t get any more “Siscon no tame ni” by Ashita wa docchida. :(

    Anyway, I agree she holds too much of a key role to disappear for good. And who is Anya, really. Will she be unmasked en route to the finale? ^^;

  2. Myssa Rei: This is Sunrise. Lockon was dead… but now there’s a Lockon in S2 of 00. Mwu was dead, but then they edited out the footage of his death so he could get a mask and become Neo Roanoke. Until the series ends, and the OVA’s or whatever say explicitly ‘she’s done, get over it’… there’s always a chance.

    Now I’m hoping they STAY dead, but that’s up to the writers.

  3. Well, I’m thinking that the relationship chart IS credible, Jeremiah ‘Orange-kun’ Gottweld’s meteoric rise from poor sap to the fist full of cool that he is right now nonewithstanding. Also, outside of a literal asspull from Emperor WAKAMOTO (I’d think that Taniguchi is smart enough to avoid what Fukuda did in SEED), there’s no real way for the folk in the shuttle to escape. And not like the Emperor cared anyway…

    Besides, some of the rumors regarding Nunnally’s ‘resurrection’ are downright ridiculous anyway. Nunnally as the Knight of Zero? VOLUNTARILY being geassed into believing she was Lelouch’s sister? ALSO having the geass powers she had in Knightmare of Nunnally? Puh-lease.

    Yeah, I only believe the spoilers up to episode 21 thanks. Everything else from that point is pure conjecture.

  4. I think some of those rumors are derived from AU materials… such as making Nunnally a ‘Knight’ (Knightmare of Nunnally seems to be the main source for these). They may yet repeat Fukuda’s mistakes – remember how they had to make an identical Lockon fulfill the same role in S2 of 00… when we’ve no signs that his brother ever had those skills as a civilian.

    Now they should animate Knightmare of Nunnally next, if they’re wanting to continue with the Geass-verse a while but don’t want to do another “Code GeasS” series; it would be like a magical girl show, but with more mecha and less idols and Mai-Otome character design copies.

  5. Myssa Rei, thanks. Aw shucks. It was a bit of a silly way for Nunnally and Sayoko to die. Still, I agree with Haesslich, in the sense that I wouldn’t be surprised if they got reappeared or something. But since it’s not Fukuda…

    Speaking of wild speculation, I used to wonder if Nunnally wasn’t really blind. It was just that she had double-barreled Geass too! Or perhaps if she opened her eyes, it would result in the resurrection of Ruby Eye Shabranigdo!!!

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