Code Geass R2 Ep 9

[cdgsr209_02.jpg title="The fruits of complaining taste sweet indeed"]

Oh what lovely buns you have, Cecile-nee.


Those on the back as well as those on the front, of course.


Ok, so I finally get the whole Li Xingke ‘I will destroy the Black Knights!’ attack at the end of Ep 3 but my complaint about things not making sense in the transition to Ep 4 still stands. So it appears that Li blamed Gaohai’s death on the Black Knights, launched his attack to ‘expel’ them while actually letting them go, thus appeasing the eunuchs back in Loyang and placating the Britannians at the same time.

And Lelouch’s plan to kidnap the Loli of Heaven to take over the entire Chinese Federation is about as smart as one of Pinky and The Brain’s brilliant ‘plans’. WTF is he going to do? Keep his gun pointed at her head 24/7/365? And given how lousy he is at physical combat, she can probably outrun him or better strike him with her Loli Five Point Exploding Heart Technique because, of course, all Chinese know deadly kungfu. Take that, Britannian pretty boy!

Actually I don’t really give a rat’s arse anymore. PLOT HOLE? THIS IS SUNRISE!!!! It’s all about Cecile-nee’s outfit of the week from now on! BTW from Millay’s outfit, it seems that Cecile-nee’s cleavage revealing evening ‘dress’ (aka two strips of cloth twisted together) wasn’t all atypical. Unless you are a Governor General’s evil aide.

And [cdgsr209_07.jpg]Kamen no Orange Guy. Ku ku ku.


LOL at Cecile-nee eating the carrot phoenix, thinking that it was meat. How can anyone mistake raw carrot for meat? Perhaps this explains her incredibly bad cooking skillz! Something else that makes sense in this episode. OMG! This can’t be happening! What’s going on Sunrise!?


And so we thought that Schniezel’s evil plot for a political marriage, alliance/takeover was dastardly enough but there’s also the Cecile-nee Banquet Smackdown Plan too. Truly, Britannia’s ruthlessness knows no bounds! [Thanks, Ransom!]


Heavenly backless touches. Verily this is the vindication of the concept of negative space!


Qipao miniskirt FTW! I give thanks to Shanghai tailoring! Pity we didn’t get a better quality full body service pan up so that I can fap for great justice.


Likewise, lack of full body focus pan-up of Cecile-nee’s formal ceremonial military dinner getup (the equivalent of No.1 dress uniform?) is a pity but the qipao made up for a lot. Please let her have another chou sekushi outfit next episode please!

9 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 Ep 9

  1. When Suzaku is reacting to Kaguya’s entrance being announced (~11:35 in ), there’s a shot of Cecile (with a smile on her face) squeezing rather a lot of something green from a ketchup-bottle into what looks like a meat bun basket, whilst everyone else is distracted.

    For the sake of diplomatic relations/safety of the royal family, Brittania might want to bar her from attending any formal buffet-style banquets in the future.

  2. How about waiting until we actually see what happens with the Tian Zi thing before calling it a plot hole. There’s nothing even to plot hole with, it’s the start of a new arc with no precedent to conflict with.

  3. I think I know what Anya was blogging in her little PDA:

    “Asked Suzaku if he was masochist. Got answer tonight: he is a lolicon masochist, took Kaguya’s insults without response. As if he liked it.

    Chance-su! (-_-)”

  4. I loved the awkward “I thought I told you not to bring your scumbag fiance to our parties” moment. This new trend of having new outfits every other episode is fantastic!

  5. Cecile’s cooking skills may be lacking, but let none doubt her sense of style.

    Now we just need more Kinghtmare Pilot Cecile kicking some Eleven arse…she can seize her erstwhile mentor and do what she will to boot. :3

  6. “Keep his gun pointed at her head 24/7/365? And given how lousy he is at physical combat, she can probably outrun him or better strike him with her Loli Five Point Exploding Heart Technique”
    …if only they knew how weak he is… i wish he would stop loli-snatching…

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