What would an ideal figure display be?

While it looks like I’m violating one of my very fundamental rules of figure collecting, I have recently come to realise that not granting your PVC beauties a worthy stage to flaunt/protect their charm may be a greater sin than not breaking them out of their boxes. My decision to temporarily return my figure haremettes to their packages was mainly prompted by a lack of suitable display space. Previously, my figures paraded themselves on an open shelf, carefree and spontaneous. But since open shelves afforded no protection at all, I witness, first hand, my PVCs literally gnawed away by a very pervasive enemy of figures – dust. I could keep my figures away from sunlight but ensure a dust-free stage, I needed an enclosure. That’s when I shifted my lovelies to my bookshelf. But alas, the bookshelves nerfed their beauty since the area wasn’t optimised for display of 1/8″ figures but for storage of books.

I considered many of Ikea’s display shelves too (especially the immensely popular Detolf) but still didn’t find anything that’s worthy of the PVC haremettes. With plans to renovate my study, I intend to put up glass casings to finally house my collection properly. However, I need ideas and would like to find out from fellow collectors – what would an ideal figure display be?

Figure no tameni!

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  1. Yeah, finding figure display is a pain in the ass. I have one of my own from Ikea but that is only because I couldn’t find any other one that can fit my huge figure… It depends on how much space you have in your room, too. Anyways, I think glass display with metal/simple wood frame that you can see through from all angles, should look good. I prefer metal(shiny silver, not colored). And since you have 1/8~1/6 figures, it’ll be good if you can line them up horizontally, so anything that has long horizontal length (instead of long vertical length per shelves) should look good I think. In the end, it all depends on if you really like it or not. If it clicks, I think you should get that one. I mean, you can always exchange it too ^^;;

  2. I know my dad used to display his collection of toy trains scale locomotive models in a wood-and-glass cabinet with a lightbulb hidden up at the top and glass shelves to let the light go all the way down. Locomotives are long and thin, though, and something that deep might not be as good for a figure display, unless you only want the first row to be visible.

  3. figure display is always a pain to come across. since nothing is really catered to our needs it’s up to us to be creative. I myself was going to do the detolf but opted for glass shelving along the wall, while they might not be enclosed i have no problem taking them all down once a week and cleaning them from dust. I will say the best display option (while the most expensive) is one of those big glass display cases they have in say expensive figurine stores, they can run you from $500-$2000. But for someone with a big collection it’s worth it. Now for the all important question, are those all your figures in the picture, and why three Alter Fates?

  4. I have a Detolf and its a great display. If you want it with a light, though, you’ll have the buy the light to attach to the Detolf separately. Not fun to build, but once its done the Detolf is pretty sweet.

  5. A proper display cabinet is the way to go, one with a mirror backing. The cabinet that I have can hold a good number of figures, where my friend who has the same one counted at least 160 figures inside the cabinet alone. Just do some shopping around in some furniture stores. The detolf from Ikea is what most people go for, but you fill them up too quickly before realising you need another one.

  6. First… you need to find a carpenter. One who is willing to make custom display cabinets. Here in fine sunny Singapore, you can easily find them in the HDB heartlands. Ask your uncles and/or aunties for recommendations if need be, especially useful if you can get their help in acquiring a “friend discount”.

    Second… you need to take measurements. Height and width are pretty straightforward, but a lot of people tend to neglect the depth of the cabinet, and depth is the one thing you can’t readily make adjustments to. Nobody will hear your cries of sorrow if the depth is not deep enough to fit your figurine’s pose (especially those with flashy elongated weapons).

    Third… decide whether you want the lighting to be inbuilt or attached. Inbuilt is snazzier, but more costly. Attached is cheaper, but more tacky.

    Fourth… do strongly consider making the back of the cabinet into a mirror, so as to create an illusion of space and also to enable you to easily see the figurines’ details.

    Fifth… if possible, I also recommend making the bottom part into a wooden drawer (not see-through); for you to store the flattened boxes and extra parts.

    The above are the basic points. Stuff like exterior design, type of glass, number of shelving, etc… is up to your own individual taste.


  7. I’m happy enough with detolf (and it’s damn expensive in here Australia! around US$160!), so far still the best one for my figurines :)

    If you have more cash to burn, you can always get a customized display case that blog all the vent to prevent dust :)

  8. i like skane’s idea. if you have money to burn. Another option is to take carpentry and built it yourself.

    if you don’t have that much cash, you will have to make do with a black or cherry finish bookcase that is deep enough for the figures.

    And do i see 3 Feito-chan figures?

    PS. how are you going to explain this to your wife?

  9. import some teak wood and bullet proof glass and your good to go on a DIY sunday!

  10. Well, I’m struggling with the same problem, but besides dust, space is my problem. I have an Ikea shelf as seen in this picture. And as you can see I have sold my Fate Testarossa figure, as it took too much space (which was a bad decision since I really miss her) :(

    By the way, how come you have three Fate figures? =o

  11. Thanks all for your thoughts. My issue with Detolf is that the shelves are too far apart for 1/8s. :P I think I’ll go with custom-making my display shelves with Skane’s guidelines. :)

    As for the 3 Fates, well my first Fate came with a broken neck so I bought 2 from the 2nd release to ensure I could pass them on as the family heirloom :P

    Xellos^_-: I hope that tanuki screencap wasn’t from some H-anime XD

  12. We recently got our own IKEA in our area so I’ll be browsing for shelving…

    Sadly what I have at the moment is a set of shelves my father-in-law made when he was alive… they’re fine for books but bleh for models. I’d *like to have something that floats from the wall – still stewing though. Gods, my office is a mess with various projects…

  13. I would first need the multitude of figures to facilitate the need for a display… I am getting there though. I remember seeing a very good glass cabinet, generally used for crystal pieces but I saw some potential for figures. Damn expensive though.

  14. Reading this entry and the previous entry about guidelines how to buy figures makes me happy that I decided to never buy any anime figures. I decided I’m going to steal Stripey’s Kotori to fulfill my need of having that one. :D

  15. My figure collection is staggering. I’ve been collecting since I was 12, and I’m 22 now. I have well over 100 figures, and I cant seem to decide on a way to display them, they’re currently on a shelf in my living room, but dusting them (compressed air) is a pain…

  16. Wow! You even have compressed air to clean them! Did you collect resin/cold cast figures too? They would have been more common 10 yrs ago. :)

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