Code Geass R2 Ep 8

[cdgsr208_00.jpg title="Am I just here to take over the fan service shift from Kallen!?"]

A fretting Viletta is fine too.

[cdgsr208_01.jpg title="Only the gattai between the power of loli and siscon can get Lulu though."]

LOLOLOL at poor Kallen being brushed aside yet again. This time by the loli princess rather than the green haired witch.

[cdgsr208_03.jpg title="I knew it! I just knew it, fan service shift again!"]

The slight change in hair style with the side swept fringe was very very nice.

[cdgsr208_04.jpg title="NO U CAN'T HAZ A NUCLEAR BOMB"]

Cecile-nee (and failed experiment) saved the day again! And interesting that Nina has been posted to a research facility in Dallas (would have had more historical parallels if it was called Los Alamos) under the command of Smoothie Schniezel (whose name I can’t spell yet) who gives his spiel about trusting Nina because of her belief that Euphy Is NOT The Murder Princess. Things will really change once she perfects her weapon though.

[cdgsr208_05.jpg title="All the lolicons must die."]

Using her authority as a Knight of Rounds, Anya signed the death warrant of the soldier who tried to assassinate Suzaku, sparing him from the onerous duty. Was she deliberately being nice to him? She could have just sat it out as it wasn’t her business directly.

[cdgsr208_06.jpg title="I would stare more at Cecile except of course I am gay for Lulu."]

OMG I take back my comment from the previous episode about Cecile-nee’s civvie street clothes being fugly. What an evening dress!! I’m sure she’ll be invincible in combat with that! (Yeah, that Madlax joke never gets old. LOL)

And LOL at Nunnally’s minder being super mean to Cecile-nee. Don’t be ruffled, Cecile-nee, she’s just jealous of your fabulous figure! :D~~~

[cdgsr208_07.jpg title="Lloyd has immunity to Cecile-nee's charms!?"]

I wonder why Cecile-nee was all dolled up like that. Was she being match-maked for arranged marriage to nobility like Lloyd and Millay?

[cdgsr208_08.jpg title="Back to bridge bunny duty!"]

Liked the varying reactions to the mass Zero cosplay evento, especially Lloyd thinking it was very clever. Also I can understand the curiosity behind his question to Zero about whether he was the original one or a different person but what was the point really? And Zero asking for exile/asylum for ‘Zero’ made a great play on his reputation for being treacherous and devious, now abandoning the Black Knights and the Japanese in return for his own safety but was ultimately predicated on word play too.

[cdgsr208_09.jpg title="Cosplay is fun!"
cdgsr208_10.jpg title="I'm in love with a Zero otaku!?"]

LOL at the Ohgi x Viletta reunion, not that surprised she took the risk as there’s always the ‘hunting for C.C.’ cover story. Well, at least she didn’t shoot him again. Probably having his awful hairdo hidden by the mask helped.

And looks like Li Xingke is suffering from some sort of internal injury that is killing him softly with qi. Wonder how that’ll play out later. And re: floating island, what a marvelous idea. We’ll have to do that with our glorious democratic people’s republic island paradise one day! Next stop, Tokyo Bay!

11 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 Ep 8

  1. /me drools at Cecil-nee in evening dress

    i will think something wittier to say later but right now i suffering form massive blood loss.

  2. Is Cecilee-nee trying to take over from the Major (Motoko) Kusanagi in providing purple-haired, in-and-out of uniform fan-service? Because she’s doing a dandy job here….. especially in that evening dress. Yow. Gotta love how Suzaku showed no reaction to her at all, though – it just lets us know he’s not interested in ze busty, Kikuko Inoue-voiced ones.

    Which leaves them free for the rest of us…

    Did I say that out loud? ;)

  3. Will the real Zero please stand up?

    Yeah, just had to say that too.

  4. Xellos-_^, I’m wiping my drool and nosebleed still. ;)

    Haesslich, brilliant! We need fanart with Cecile-nee in Motoko combat getup!

    Baka-Raptor, the caps were arranged in chronological order rather than theme this time. But like they say in those Guinness ads, ‘Good things come to those who wait.’ :P

    BTW forgot to comment on the design of the evening dress itself. Pity it didn’t show the back(less). And revealing the belly button is such a revelation! :D~~~

    [add:] Meganeshounen: for a moment I thought you were going to do the real slim shady chorus all the way! ;)

  5. I can’t believe you no one has commented on Zero-Dog! That took the cosplay Zero reveal and turned it into ultimate lulz.

  6. @Onion:

    I was just about to post that too (-_-). I was surprised there wasn’t a screencap of the dog with the Zero mask at 17:37 in the episode, the funniest moment of the episode by far!

  7. I fail. Actually I didn’t even notice Zero Dog until you guys pointed it out to me! Definitely LOL. My mind is still mainly filled with Cecile-nee’s evening dress though. :P

  8. The part where the Japanese guy tried to kill Suzaku was so stupid. I know they were trying to show that for some reason there is Geass residue in Suzaku’s eyes still, but Suzaku would have smashed that scrub regardless. Even naked Kallen couldn’t run up and stab Suzaku. I think the only people who could actually stab Suzaku like that would be naked Lelouch or naked Euphie. Un-geassed Suzaku could have done a triple lutz and kicked that scrub’s teeth in without breaking a sweat.

    I too wish to know the reasons behind Cecile’s getup. There must be some secret desire to show off to someone, cause even bitchyminder was surprised at Cecile’s audacity. Maybe she read your complaints from last time and wanted to stick it to you, Zyl?

  9. re: naked stabby Lelouch – his gay powah over Suzaku may be great but I’m also still LOL about how Suzaku managed to disarm him so easily not just once (the island episode) but twice (post-finale episode). Stabby Euphy – horrible visions of zombie summoning here… maybe she’s being prepped to be an ultimate fighting machine like Orange-kun too?

    I knew it! Cecile-nee is one of those actresses who goes online to read blogs about her latest episode!! Maybe I should complain MOAR!!!

  10. Borg Euphie would be glorious. Would Suzaku fight back or would he back down and let her Euphinize him?

    I can only imagine the types of Cecile comments that will start cropping up now…

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