Code Geass R2 Ep 1

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Viletta-sensei, you can ride me anytime! (+1)


But no strap-on please. Ktks.


I’ve always liked Viletta’s chara design – dark skin and light hair combi always does it for me. Ponytail also I like. I like very much. Her military uniform was lovely, particularly her absolute territory as well as the gap between her shoulder and long gloves detached sleeves (is there a term for this too?). Likewise her PE teacher outfit (+1) is great too; though her boots could use a bit more detail (I actually think that the boots on Maria from Hayate no Gotoku are the interesting part of her meido look). I’m still not so sure what to make of her relationship with Ougi but will wait and see how things develop.


There was no Cecile-nee in this episode. (-1)


Bunny girl Kallen FTW (+1). Respect teh Daicon IV OP powah!


Kallen x No Headband (+1). Kallen x Headband not a good match at all. Hurry up and break up permanently already!

Rollo still alive (-1). He’s got the bishie puppy dog eyes but the way he says ‘niisan’ makes me want to kick him in the nuts.


Which is probably not going to be much of a threat to this representative of the Chinese Federation. Liu Jing, you lowly thief! Chance to make obscure reference to old Chinese martial arts tv series (+1).


C.C. x Lelouch (+1). I like Shirley a lot but C.C. is definitely a better match for Lelouch in both High School and Zero modes.

Given my aversion to the way SUNRISE tends to screw up endings, I held off watching the first season of Code Geass until it had finished its run. But not able to do so this time as I’ve been hooked already. *shakes clenched fist at the animu gods of pacing while prays to animu gods of endings*

Total score this week: 4

5 thoughts on “Code Geass R2 Ep 1

  1. “But no strap-on please. Ktks.”

    Oh, hell no.

    At least we know you’re watching this show for all the right things though. (the gurls)

  2. Ah Viletta. I gotta say that one of my favorite moments last season was when she regained her memories and shot Ogi for looking like such a doofus. I feel it’s safe to assume that if she regained her memories and found herself married to Toudou, she would have reacted differently (double Chigusa powah).

    Speaking of Toudou, I find it odd how often he is the damsel in distress in this show.

    I don’t think you will be able to tear yourself away from this season. Even if Karen/Kallen ends up with Rollo and gets a refurbished mecha (wait…), I see you holding on till the possibly bitter end.

    You have no chance to survive, make your time.

  3. Luckily for Ougi, Viletta didn’t believe in head shots. Man, he needs to do something about that hairdo, no wonder he’s in jail!

    Toudou as the damsel in distress. Oh no, I have just had this vision of Lelouch using his geass to make Toudou don lots of frilly dresses for Black Knights promotional photobook. OTL

    Take off every ‘ZIG’! For great justice!

  4. Where’s my favourite blind imouto and loli-hime? (-8) XD

    Btw bro, I assume you have finally finished Code Geass season 1? Looking fwd to your thoughts if you have!

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