Shakugan no Shana Second 24

I want something else / To get me through this / Semi-charmed kind of life baby, baby… I’m not listening when you say / Good-bye! Actually I don’t think Bel Peol hates Third Eye Blind ;)

No I can’t haz a nekomimi mode masque. T_T

Think twice before calling 911. Maybe it was a mistake to let Wirhelmina know that I have a ‘Pheles Booty Call’ hougu… Alas Kazumi does not use Giralda so she remains a normal human and does not become a flame haze or a Torch/Mystes…

Were you staring at my chest instead of my drill de arimasu ka?

Hecate’s lovely diary: Note to self. Must improve zeroing and grouping before firefight and not during or after.

I’m like a bird, I’ll only fly away / I don’t know where my soul is, I don’t know where my home is
First I don’t know how to aim / Then I can’t tell enemy from animal friendship…


So Kabitzin was remarkably prescient without the help of novel spoilers. A Konoe malformed registry entry. Hecate haz it.

Well, this means that my brilliant plan has succeeded. We shall have a third season!

Anne Robinson: Hecate, you are the Weakest Link. Goodby..
Hecate: ASTER.

Either Wirhelmina wears strapless (bandages!) or corset or that shred of meidofuku on the left shoulder is covering the strap. Is it too much to imagine… supportless?!

RONERY~~~ Wherefore art thou Pheles?

Well, at least *someone’s* happy.

Now the good stuff comes. Sorry, totali, but I’m actually a bigger fan of the Shana-tan parodies than of the series proper. Though I like to tease Aroduc for being mean, I agreed with his overall assessment. The pacing could have been better, the school love comedy and action didn’t quite gel together very well *but* we shouldn’t have expected otherwise as the first season was like that too. Though I’m still scratching my head why the Sabrac vs Wirhelmina fight seems to have gone down well generally… I enjoyed the pacing and backstory was good but the animation quality was a tad disappointing in comparison to the gorgeous OP sequence. Well, an anime where the OP animation is better than the overall series animation quality, this won’t be the first series that’s happened…

Likewise I agree with Omni that while this last episode was entertaining, it did feel rushed. But at least we had good, non-SUNRISE resolutions to two big questions: What was the Balle Masque plotting to do with the Reiji Maigo? And will Yuuji x Shana actually make some progress after the step back from the end of the first season?

Shana-tan must have a Banjo no Carmel-san special where our favourite meido is typing smutty Pheles x Wirhelmina fanfiction with Tiamat assistance!!! Wirhelmina x Pheles Love Love OVA would be nice too.

8 thoughts on “Shakugan no Shana Second 24

  1. Mmmmm….. more Wilheimina. And given her status as an unaging meido, I don’t think we have to worry about whether her girlish figure needs support. ;) But Wilheimina with her hair down is simply divine

  2. Shana is really a love comedy with fighting to the side. There’s just nobody that wants to admit it!

  3. Haesslich, great point about sweet 18 forever. One of the privilegs of being a Flame Haze! Yeah, agree with the hair down too. Needs MOAR casual clothes Wirhelmina!!

    totali, it’s almost always easier to market a fighting/action show than a love comedy. And it’s not as if the series doesn’t make a good attempt to pretend to one. ;)

  4. Totali could find Love Power in a desert of naked burly men. :-P

    Man… that is a good question though… when’s the next Shana-tan?

  5. Wilhelmina is trying to save Yuuji so she can get him to bootycall Pheles every night before midnight. What a fiendish plot! Oops, didn’t mean to spoil season 3.

    Kinda interesting that this is the first time you saw the shirt underneath the apron (I think).

  6. I’m guessing they’ll find a way to reset the “Yuuji picking Shana” at the end of the episode–they’ll just say Shana’s face lit up because she saw a melon-pan vendor, and Yuuji will go home and hide instead of going to either Shana or Kazumi. God I hope not, though–the love triangle is the one part of this series that always makes me reach for the fast-forward button…here’s hoping if there is a third season it’s rabu triangle free…

  7. Good enough… But.. I’m still burned by my expectations. I would’ve preferred a cliffhanger.

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