[Artbook] Tsukiyo Chakai ~ Tinkle Illustrations

Utmost gratitude to Zyl who, against all odds, acquired the most hallowed of artbooks for me

Tinkle’s Tsukiyo Chakai has to be the holy grail of 2D artbooks. I have been monitoring its price on Amazon JP since last Sep and it ranges from 9000 to 12000 yen, 4-5 times its original price. The last I checked (and that was a couple of hours ago), there was a listing to sell the book for 12000 yen. It is gone now, presumably sold. That is how scorching hot this publication is.

Thanks to my comrade-in-bishoujo, Zyl, I am now a proud owner of one of the MOST sought after Japanese artbook in the world. The mortgage of a house, the sale of some organs and the raiding of a bank were carried out to acquire this most sacred beauty. But it’s all well worth it.

More digiscans can be found at an older gushing. For lovers of 2D artworks, take my word for it. The next time it appears on Amazon JP, grab it. It’s well worth every organ sold though I suggest you keep your cornea for maximal enjoyment of the book.

15 thoughts on “[Artbook] Tsukiyo Chakai ~ Tinkle Illustrations

  1. omg Tinkle art!! I want that artbook too! But I can’t afford to sell my organs though ><, or at least not yet.

  2. 0_0 woh… Congrats on acquiring a rare item, though I can’t imagine why it would be in such high demand. Must be one popular illustrator. (and dumb publisher for not reprinting it when there’s such high demand…)

  3. Wait, did you buy this from Amazon JP new or secondhand? If it’s 2nd hand it would have come from the marketplace but they don’t allow for shipping of items from the marketplace overseas. Well I guess I’ll wait till I goto Japan and find one there.

  4. Adun, I acquired it second hand via marketplace. Got the seller to deliver to a Tokyo-based forwarding company (G3 Worldwide Mail) which then shipped the book to Stripey.

  5. Hirito: Come on, I’m sure you still have 2 kidneys :PP

    Zyl: Heh trying to keep this blog SFW XD

    muhootsaver: I don’t get the publisher either. Why not publish more and make more money? It’s enterbrain btw XD

    Adun: I heard tinkle’s artworks are venerated in glass display cases in Japan. :P

  6. The book cover looks amazing (even though the character is not comparable to H babes in terms of design, lol).

    I like the mood and setting it portrays. Perhaps, mesmerising is the right word.

  7. yo stripey,

    OT: but since this is Sis-con central, i thought i introduce you guys to a Sis-con manga. Kiss X Sis. it is borderline H, so be careful when reading it.

  8. The moment I start buying artbooks would be the day I start selling my body parts. Just so I can purchase the artbooks in the first place. So…many…artists…

    That aside, awesome artbook to have Stripey! I’m just curious as to how elated you must be right now.

  9. crimson: heh what’s inside is EVEN more amazing :) H-babes usually have the problem of being disproportional :P Tinkle’s bishoujos are well-proportioned hence beautiful :)

    Xellos-_^: hehe thanks for the heads up! It sure sounds like my cup of fetish! XD

    Hemisphere: Indeed, it cost me a kidney and a lung already XD That said, I’m really looking forward to a Senomoto Hisashi artwork collection. :)

  10. That’s fun. I also qualified this artbook as the holy grail of my collection. ( and 2 others collector I know too ). Tinkle’s artwork are wonderful, I also collect their doujin and some posters.

    >>Adun: I heard tinkle

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