Declining the Clannad Invitation

While I am not a big fan of the genre, I have no objection, in principle, to ‘moé blob bishoujo crap anime’ LOL. Kanon had nice chara designs, was fairly entertaining and I instantly liked Ahaha~, MAI-YEE and Nitwit Nayuki. But I just can’t muster the enthusiasm to get beyond the second ep of Clannad. It seems that even my brother-in-crime, who first flew the banner, seems disappointed though he hasn’t formally recanted yet.

Well, at least I got one big ROTFLMAO from the first episode. When Nagisa Furukawa opened her mouth, I just LOL’ed, thinking: ‘Mai Nakahara does yet another Nagisa moron role!’ But at least StoPani had truckloads of yuri to sustain my interest.

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  1. /agree with Keaton

    Not to mention that even though Nagisa may be shy, she’s not a moron. And Fuko is the cutest thing ever and has a wonderful story. And Tomoya never fails at making me laugh.

    Don’t give up on it!

  2. Keaton, I would have loved to hear the ‘what’ and ‘why’ behind your opinion but, as it stands, you’ll have to forgive me for finding your assertion to be less than persuasive. ;)

    [edit: Nosgoroth, thanks. Hmmm, that does sound promising. :) ]

    I’m a chara-centric sort of viewer so the main problem for me is that none of the girls has hooked me into following the series.

  3. Zyl, the thing about CLANNAD is it that the first four or so episodes serve as mostly introductions to the main cast of characters, so understandably it’s going to be hard to sustain the interest of people who’re expecting things to happen ASAP.

    As it is, the show only truly started to pick up the pace in Kotomi’s arc, and that’s what, after episode 9? Really, Fuuko’s arc was more of familiarization of the cast with each other (after the introduction).

  4. I enjoy the KyoAni part of Clannad very much – their moe-embellishments, surgical humour and beautiful artwork/direction. However, I am generally disappointed with the KEY component of the series. The scenario and character differentiation are inferior compared to Kanon and AIR. Overall, the series is just not as gripping as the previous KEY-KyoAni collaborations because the characters just don’t connect with the audience as well and the premise is rather contrived (even by Kanon/AIR standards). That said, I know it’s unfair to make these claims at mid-series. I’ll surely be watching til the end and would make the relevant recommendations to Zyl.

    But for now, I’d say “hold that download” knowing how Zyl is stringent about his moe picks. :)

  5. The game itself was kind of boring until the initial sections were over and done with.

  6. Stripey: I don’t see how the premise is more contrived than Kanon or Air, actually it’s flowing much more nicely for me. Anyways I understand than some people wouldn’t connect with the characters but for me they are one of the best thing about Clannad, Fuko’s tale, her trying so hard for her sister, was far more gripping than Makoto’s for example, Tomoya actually has problems of his own and seems more “human” than Yuuichi, his relationship with Nagisa is also developing really nicely unlike Ayu’s relationship with Yuuichi and Kotomi’s arc is awesome so far.

  7. I think what Zyl may really needs to see is following scenes.

    1. Nagisa’s ‘confession’ to Ryou
    2. The KyouXKotomi ‘moment’
    3. Tomoyo’s ‘crush’ on Sagara Misae
    4. TomoyoXKotomi ‘hug’

    I wonder what else I missed

  8. Radhabinod: Makoto’s tale has at least roots in Japanese mythology while Ayu’s premise is at least refreshing at the time of its application. Fuko’s arc feels uninspired and has a tale with little basis that making it hard for audience to enjoy. AIR had the same problem with its premise but is at least made interesting by more endearing characters. Overdoing Fuko’s moe-cluelessness probably contributed to it.

    koneko-chan: It’s probably too early to discuss plot differentiation for Clannad though personally I thought Kanon linked the plots pretty well with involvement of the other girls in every arc. I think good linkages for the different tales needs to be attributed to KyoAni (whom I praise for good work even in Clannad) while my lament is still with KEY for its lacklustered individual arcs.

  9. Stripey: Well I find the characters in Clannad to be far more endearing than those of Air, Fuko’s arc also developed not only Fuko herself but Tomoya, Nagisa or even Sunohara too making it more enjoyable to watch than Makoto’s arc. Kotomi’s arc is doing this as well by giving lots of screen time to Kyou or Ryou, the story flows more naturally that way.
    Anyways it’s a matter of opinion, you may not be touched by these stories or characters but it doesn’t mean than other can’t like it, Fuko’s ending for example seems to have been very popular in the english fandom so I guess a big part of the “audience” did enjoy it.

  10. I acutally agree with you; although the Kotomi’s arc is somewhat interesting, the Fuuko’s arc bored me stupid. The use of “dumb” characters like Fuuko and Kotomi migh tbe cute, but they just seemed so unrealistic.

  11. What stands out for me in CLANNAD when compared to Air(TV) and Kanon(2006) is that unlike its predecessors, the romance between Nagisa and Tomoya is actually being developed consistently and very importantly, has a fair amount of focus on.

    To the point where Nagisa is being included within the other arcs, similar to how the Kanon Manga included Nayuki into the other girls’ arcs.

    This has the effect (to me at least) of making it much more captivating to watch and more importantly, make it possible for the audience to root for the main couple and not scream incoherently on the absurdity of the rapid (and vapid) romance.

    CLANNAD thus far, holds distinction as being one of the rare few animes in which I am really rooting for the “main couple” and not accepting it as a case of “C’est la vie”. It has been very endearing to witness the progression of romance between the two of them. It is what makes CLANNAD special for me, and if it continues well, it stands a decent chance of cracking my Top10 list (which does not include Kanon(2006) or Air(TV) by the way).

    Moe, fanservice, yuri, etc… is not what makes an anime “worthy” in my opinion. Oh for sure these elements have their place, and I am not so elitist so as to prevent myself from indulging in such elements from time to time (I do watch stuff like Green Green(TV) and such); but an anime cannot rely solely on these elements to… well, command respect really. Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann has tonnes of fanservice, but it was not the fanservice that made it such an epic winner with viewers; it was the joy of watching Simon grow up, watching the years go by as he matures into a self-confident man who gained as much as he lost.

    You can stuff as much breasts, boob-groping, pseudo-yuri, pantsu, etc… as you like into my face, but it is not going to be a reason for me to recommend any particular anime.

    If I have to recommend CLANNAD, it is going to be because I want to share with you that there is something special going on between Nagisa and Tomoya. This being a Key-based anime, I hope it is a “death-free” ending (I am a newbie to CLANNAD, so I don’t know what happens in the end), because I simply adore the steady baby steps of their progressive romance, and it would simply stab me in the heart if it is anything like “Caw, caw” or “Goal”.

    What I am seeing in CLANNAD is the culmination of experience that KyoAni has had in animating Key-games, in that they are now that much better at implementing the main Heroine into the other arcs without being intrusive or sacrificing the side characters. Air(TV) was just brutal in handling the two “sub-heroines” and while Kanon(2006) was much, much kinder to the sub-heroines, Ayu’s progression was rather haphazard (I still consider Ep19 to be one of the most WTF moments in anime, and not in a good way). CLANNAD has been very balanced thus far.


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