[Artbook] Galaxy's Child by Nao Goto

Eager to capitalise on the store-wide members 20% discount at Kinokuniya, I browsed through the artbook section and was instantly captivated by the vibrant artwork of Nao Goto in the form of Galaxy’s Child. Some artists are good at background art while others excel in character design but Goto sensei appears to be a maestro of both. I’d let the scans do the talking.

More lovely Galaxy’s Child pictures can be found at the Aethereality gallery.

Available for only S$53, I’d say it’s a fantastic buy for any self-respecting 2D art collector (although the Japanese get it for 2600 yen ~ S$36… uguu!). Just remember to bring your Kino member card.

At least I have this loveliness to tide me over until Tsukiyo no Chakai gets a reprint.

9 thoughts on “[Artbook] Galaxy's Child by Nao Goto

  1. Eh bro, you no need to sleep ah? :3

    And given your headline image for the post, no wonder people are making this kind of comments about you! *Like Kabitzin, I’m also scared to laugh* ;)

  2. Wow nice buy, the colours are so vibrant and the backgrounds seem so detailed( well the ones with a background that is)

  3. Zyl: I sit straight, walk upright not scared errr non-laughter XD But honestly I think girl shelf-life longer than 14 lah… maybe 17? LOL! That was a pure/honorable laugh btw :)

    holyman282: Believe it or not, the real deal has colours more vibrant than the digital scan. :) Wait no more! Grab it while you can! :P

  4. Awesome stuff, and perfectly in line with my tastes, which I imagine to be similar to yours.

    You know who’s good at backgrounds? British fantasy landscape artist John Avon.

    Not anime, but high in my rankings nonetheless, John Avon’s work is what you would get if you traveled to a fantasy kingdom and brought a camera. That picture is traditionally painted with acrylics and airbrush, and it’s only 17 centimeters on the long side. Even Nao Goto’s backgrounds would show their respect.

    Ralph McQuarrie – production designer for the original Star Wars trilogy – is also highly recommended, but his site seems to be under construction at the moment.

  5. Orion: Please don’t tell Santa this xmas :P

    Hemisphere: I was utterly mesmerised. Not only with the bishoujos but the vibrant yet detailed background. :)

    Zeroblade: Although it’s a joy to have Kino around, it’s really painful for the wallet especially when they inflate the price by 40%. Still I guess I’m grateful :P

    Sixten: Thanks for the highlight. :) Browsing through John’s site now. There’s kind of apocalyptic epicness about his art. On the scale of Lord of the Rings. Great stuff!

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