Da Capo II 09 – The Typemoon adaptation syndrome

One of the series that tops my “Anime to remake” list is Tsukihime. Anyone who has even a shred of knowledge of the game knows that anime took the barest, no-frills route which is a pathetic reflection of the epic that is Tsukihime. I’ve said it a million times – Kokaku route in 24 eps and watch it shoot to legendary status. Fate/Stay night suffered well, literally, the same fate. Heaven’s Feel made way for the Fate arc so that Saber merchandise to be shamelessly pimped. (Even I have succumbed, owning 2 Saber figures and none of Sakura who is supposedly my fav char.) Sadly after DCII 09, I see the same spectre of squandered greatness hovering over Da Capo II.

As of ep 9, it’d look like DCII is taking the least of the game routes for the anime. The romantic element is founded upon the Koko-Yoshi love which I understand to be blandest in the game and its premise of sakura trees appears to be built on Minatsu’s tale – a boring story about existentialism and social prejudice which have been done to death in anime (and almost always poorly executed). It’s a rare case of the sum of parts less than negative infinity.

While I welcome the first signs of Koko-Yoshi drama, I find it insulting as a Nanaka fan that it was Minatsu-induced. It eludes me why Koko would be unmoved by the somewhat intimate behaviour between Yoshi/Nanaka (school idol and undoubtedly the most attractive girl in DCII cast) but is mildly jealous over Yoshi’s occasional concern with Minatsu (the least of the harem). I also find myself losing respect for Yoshiyuki as a harem lead. Previously I admired his thoughtful gentleness, self-control (not digging into the Nanaka buffet) and loyalty to Koko despite the raging bishoujo tempest all around him. But in this ep the inconsistencies in his behaviour is glaring. Though still mindlessly accommodating, his insensitivity to Koko’s needs/wants is frustrating. You begin to wonder if he’s being nice to Koko as one would to his kid sister. Wait, not a good analogy on Hontou ni Taihen desu, I mean err baby brother, yeah. :)

With ep 9 still on Koko, it does look like it’d be a Koko-Yoshi end if it’s a 13 parter. Minatsu would have 2 main functions in the remaining 4 eps – introduce a little storm in Koko-Yoshi’s teacup romance and provide the story infrastructure for resolution of the sakura tree premise although how it can be resolved without bringing in the Asakura sisters and Sakura herself baffles me. Whatever it is, it’d be too late to bring in another harem contender for a shocking Canvas2-esque upset in 4 eps. There just ain’t enough groundwork for any other haremette to fill Koko’s shoes this late. Koko or no one if DCII is 13 eps.

I only pray DCII is 2 cours so that we can reinstitute DC greatness with the Asakura tales and stave DCII from entering my long list of “Anime to remake”.

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  1. Apparently there will be a DCII movie coming out. Perhaps they are saving the Asakura/Sakura tree story for the movie.

  2. OMG:

    The romantic element is founded upon the Koko-Yoshi love which I understand to be blandest in the game and its premise of sakura trees appears to be built on Minatsu

  3. ttt: Actually I like Canvas2 as it is :) Not sure how we can inject drama for another season unless we have a new cast.

    holyman282: No kidding! In that case I may just quit on DCII and wait for the movie. Wouldn’t mind a Shirakawa-centric movie either XD

    Hinano: I hope to be wrong too XD Based on the inertia of ep 9, it does look that way. Our only hope is that DCII is 2 instead of 1 cour. That way, Koko’s arc would finish by mid-series, allowing the real meat of DCII – siscon with sakura trees XD

  4. A 13 episode run is set in stone. Several months ago, Circus mentioned that they hoped for a long run, so there may be a plan to negotiate for multiple Da Capo II seasons/series. We know that a movie has already been signed.

    As to why they focussed on Koko and Minatsu, it’s interesting to note that this adaptation was handled by one of the main writers of the game. According to D.C. II game fans, players don’t “unlock” the Yume and Otome paths (which presumably delve into the core mythology of the universe) until after they’ve cleared one of these scenarios.

    In that sense, this is a Da Capo anime as intended by the original game staff, whereas previous series were all remixed and arranged by specialized anime writers. Therefore, the planning/scriptwriting is far closer to the source than most adaptations. However, an obvious downside is that while this is great fanservice to game fans (who seem in love with the show so far), having the original writers do a series may not be the best way to present content that interests the masses. While an industry writer might pick and choose the most exciting material to present (rewritten to varying degrees, taking into account pacing, repetition, the need for a regular dose of drama, etc.), the D.C. II staff seems intent on replicating the feel of the game to a T.

  5. Thanks Bill, that explains more than just a few things. :)

    From what little I know of the game, I understand there are indeed 3 tiers. You’d need to clear Minatsu/Anzu arcs before granted entry to the Koko/Nanaka arcs which in turn gives the clearance for the final Yume/Otome tier. It looks like the TV series will be dwelling on Nanaka/Koko/Minatsu’s tales so I’m assuming Anzu/Yume/Otome’s stories would be expounded in the movie.

    Sadly, given this knowledge and the faithfulness of the series thus far, it crushes hopes that the series will eventually rise from mediocrity. I can only conclude they are saving the cream for the movie. Sigh, looks like I have to recalibrate my expectations for the series again.

    At least, I’m looking fwd to the movie now XD

  6. I went to the Da Capo II anime website and saw that Koko’s name was written with “ko” for small (chiisai) and “ko” for love (koi). And suddenly the Da Capo II first episode title, “The Season of Small Love”, makes a lot more sense. And that’s what we got with Da Capo II: not an episode, not an arc, but an entire freaking season of Miss Koko “Small Love” Tsukishima.

    Now I’ll say again that I support Koko, but I was hoping for a Koko ending where Yoshiyuki’s uncertain promise was tested by the other girls in the harem, but Yoshiyuki comes to love her for real, holds strong to his promise, and eventually discovers that she has traits that make her a better fit for him than, say, the apparently superior Nanaka. His faithfulness has to be rewarded or it won’t make sense.

    But now that it seems they’re just following the Koko route in the game with great fidelity, my hope has also been ruined. There will be no more than limited intervention from the other girls (except Minatsu, who needs to be dismantled), and nothing new is going to be discovered about Koko that will allow her to prove better than Nanaka in the end. Koko’s musical talent is a good match for Yoshiyuki, but they could’ve done a lot more with that. And sure, she’s his childhood friend, but that doesn’t seem to come into play at all. Worst of all, the only thing that comes of his (admittedly admirable) loyalty is “Except for Minatsu, he could do so much better than that.”

    Compare Da Capo II’s anime to Kimikiss – Pure Rouge. Feel duplicated the feel of the Da Capo II game, making game players happy but ruining it for everyone else, while J.C.Staff Honey-and-Cloverized the Kimikiss game, making the game players angry but turning it into win for everyone else.

    I’ll take the Kimikiss.

  7. I guess I should add that the reason Da Capo II Episode 7 was the best of the series so far for me, was that it was most in line with my expectation for the Koko-Yoshiyuki love story. Yoshiyuki’s promise got seriously tested (by Nanaka no less), but he passed the test, and an admirable trait of Koko (her trust in Nanaka) was revealed. Having Nanaka be awesome and prove worthy of Koko’s trust didn’t hurt either.

    I seem to be mentioning Nanaka a lot recently. Could I be turning to the Nanaka side?

  8. The truth and nothing but the whole truth, sixten! The DCII writers need to have a good chat with you! :)

    J.C.Staff Honey-and-Cloverized the Kimikiss game

    Gah! Another series to catch up on beside ef. Looks like Fall is made of bishoujo win. And resistance to the Nanaka side is futile. Prepared to be assimilated XD

  9. Haha. Have not really started DCII due to various reviews and looks into it…I’m afraid of being disappointed, but yes we do need remakes.

    Fate/Stay Night was actually pretty good as an anime (based on what I know of the game), but I really would of liked to see Unlimited Blade Works route or even see Dark Saber…would of been cool…

    As for Tsukihime…the art was what really killed me the most. Everyone looked like guys and even Kohaku and Akiha who are my main favorites looked like crap on a stick. What would off really been nice would be to have stuff into Kagetsu Tohya. Just because I want to see Len/Ren animated along with Nanaya and Kouma. Tsukihime could of been better if some of the fighters were as good as the game’s description or even the manga. Just reading the first two vols of the manga makes me at least appreciate the anime a little more.

    I seriously need to get into Da Capo II -.- so lazy.

  10. Seeing that you enjoyed Da Capo but not so much with DCSS, I think you’d find DCII mediocre :P Myself; Yourself is closer to DC in spirit and I’d recommend that instead. :)

    F/SN had a good ending that pulled up a mostly bland series. It’s sad that for an action fantasy, their most enjoyable moments were the harem bits. I blame Shiro who have been sad to be “too stupid for too long”. XD

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