Da Capo II 07 – The doomed love of the Shirakawas

Sorry Yume, I really love you and siscon but… but I just can’t resist the girlish antics and smothering beauty of Nanaka. Yes, it’s official – Shirakawa Nanaka is my TOP girl in DCII now. (Check back again when the Yume-centric ep arrives. XD)

My wife and I have a theory – When 2 good looking persons with decent personality/character become good friends, sparks will fly regardless of their status. Koko was foolish to put so much faith in Nanaka since the shoujo heart’s vulnerability to kindness/tenderness can easily override even the deepest loyalties. We say this because ep 7 is not an unfamiliar situation. It has happened to us in various configurations with different results. In the end, I’m still sorry I hurt Koko irreparably, was glad Kotori didn’t confess and know that I made the best-est choice when I married Nanaka/Nemu.

Ancient history aside, Nanaka’s charms really shone in this installment of DCII. I take back what I said about her in ep 4. Nanaka is not Kotori. She’s more effervescent, playful but also more honest with herself. Yes, her behaviour could potentially lead many hopefuls on but it’s surely not intentional or manipulative. With such overflowing beauty, it’d be hard to not ooze heart-melting allure.

While I feel the same pain for Nanaka as I did for Kotori in DCSS ep 15, strangely I’m a lot less frustrated because I thought Nanaka’s stalled confession has a lot more justification. Unlike Kotori in DCSS, Nanaka knew FOR CERTAIN Yoshiyuki’s response. (I’m assuming she has the same ability and it kicked in this ep.) Even more admirable was that she overcame her loyalty to Koko, bringing herself to that brink of confession. A hurdle Kotori didn’t have to cross but failed her confession anyway. Nanaka has shown herself to be more resolute and decisive than Kotori and I thoroughly respect her for that.

However, I can’t say the same for Yoshiyuki’s deliberate choice not to dig into the Nanaka buffet. For DC, Junichi HAS to be with Nemu. With their relations/history and strength of feelings for each other, there is no other girl that comes close to challenging the bond they have. Junichi loves his sister fully and Nemu solely, only for his nii-san. The love is deep and authentic. His rejection of Kotori is thus well-backed. But for Yoshiyuki, from ep 1 we see that he himself is unsure of his feelings for Koko. His acceptance of Koko only when she started weeping only deepened the doubt. One wonders if he’s with Koko out of an obligatory loyalty or real affections. If Yoshiyuki keep Nanaka at arms length due to the former, he would have to be the biggest idiot in all harem history (erm wait there’s still the School Day dude) I mean 2nd biggest idiot. He wouldn’t be doing Koko a favour either since such cruel kindness out cut much deeper than a flat out rejection. This makes Nanaka’s closing words are great deal more ominous than intended.

Being kind is good but it hurts people too.

I wonder if she’s talking about herself or Koko.

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  1. When in comes to the Shirakawas, I think we’re really dealing with apples and oranges… in season 1, Kotori did not know that Jyunichi and Nemu were not blood-related (hence her comment in episode 10.) While she realized that Nemu and Sakura were the ones closest to Jyunichi, there was every reason to believe that he was still fair game – after all, one was his sister and the other was his cousin.

    But Nanaka is in a very different situation. Not only is Yoshiyuki with another girl who is not his relative, the girl happens to be her best friend. To confess to Yoshiyuki at this point would qualify as a backstabbing of the 1st degree.

    Nanaka is in an impossible position and will just have to find someone else to love. Otome, on the other hand, still has a chance… we shall see.

  2. Geh – I knew I should’ve waited for this post before posting my “Da Capo Episode 7 is Freaking Awesome” response in the Episode 5 post.

    What makes you think Yoshiyuki hasn’t become sure of his feelings for Koko? The series may have started with him being unsure, but there’s been enough evidence of his growing feelings for her since then.

  3. dsong: Heh, actually it’s the Kotori of DCSS whom I’m comparing with to Nanaka. The similarities are they both are placed in a position to poach another’s boyfriend. :) although as mentioned, I’m more inclined to Nanaka’s reservations because of the circumstances described in the post. And I know it’s evil to say but I’m always of the opinion that while dating, everyone is fair game – including your best friend’s girlfriend because that’s what dating is about – a trial to find the right one for life. It’s not worth it to bow down to social norms and lose the love of a lifetime. But there are ethical dos and donts. You can declare you have feelings for her/him BUT you are to be honourable and not engage in espionage to destablise their relationship. The declaration is just to make known that the girlfriend/boyfriend has a choice if he/she choose consider other options. Though it’d be good to convey it to the best friend first like what Ike did in Shana Season 1. I know it sounds covetous but I personally think it’s the mature and above-board manner to approach such emotional complexities :P A part of me wished Nanaka/Kotori had ascribed to these values and confessed against all odds XD

    sixten: You’re right. In all 7 eps, I’ve seen how Koko/Yoshiyuki’s relationship has grown so sweetly. But having seen a no. of romantic tales, the potentially damaging elements injected at critical moments (for this case, a kokuhaku marking the start of the relationships) are very telling signs of how the writers intend to use it later on as the basis of their breakup. I’m not saying this because I don’t support Koko X Yoshiyuki (after all my stance on them have softened a great deal after ep 5) but what the self-professed movie veteran in me claims to see – a doomed relationship because the writers clearly wanted it so right in ep 1. I hope to be proven wrong like the arrogant ass in Lady in the water XD but for now I lament Yoshiyuki’s choices if indeed his loyalty to Koko hence rejection of Nanaka come not from love of Koko but a cruel kindness to his best friend. :P

  4. I’m Probably wrong but what if he is not with Koko because he likes her but because the Sakura tree granted Koko’s wish? Think about the place Koko confessed at..

  5. That would be quite the twist Soomer lol a little too subtle though.

    About the episode I thought they depicted Nanaka beautifully she really shone in this installment. I’m just glad she’s not the girl that goes around leading people hopelessly anymore. It seems to me like yume is the only one left to make this show interesting since its been very plain but enjoyable. As for Otome..I don’t know I mean she rarely gets any screen time and her actions would not be justified if she goes through a confession or something, since it seems their relationship is that of a brother and sister. Thats of course if she doesn’t have a big secret hidden somewhere, that would be a whole different story.

  6. Don’t compare Yoshiyuki to Makoto of School Days. Whether it ends up hurting Koko or not, Yoshiyuki’s loyalty is something any girl would want their boyfriend to have. If Makoto had a little more loyalty, he wouldn’t have ended up on a nice boat.

  7. Soomer: Ah that would tie the current tale well with the Sakura premise. I hope you’re right! That would explain why Otome/Yume are so cool since I believe they have the means to fight the effects of the Sakura tree.

    Ivy: Indeed, Otome lacks the ‘stay alive checks’ in harem series. Any sudden moves on Yoshi would be abrupt and hard to justify. I believe Yume/Otome has secrets to hide with regards to the Sakura tree though the series has barely built on the premise.

    sixten: Gomen gomen. XD Actually Yoshi and Makoto have to be opposite ends of the spectrum. But I guess in this way, one can feel the extent of my lament for Nanaka if she was rejected for the wrong motivations. :P

  8. Stripey, you and I have the same opinion. My love for kotori and frustration at her failed attempt at confessing carried onto Nanaka.. I hoped beyond all hope that this time Nanaka will have a chance, this time Nanaka might win, this time at least Nanaka will confess… It didn’t happen, the Shirakawa curse is still potent even after 55 years.

    I’ve voiced my anger in a previous blog entry made by you, in that if Koko could have a relationship with Yoshiyuki how come Nanaka can’t?

    Also an interesting side point, in the game Nanaka was the one to confess under a sakura tree and not Koko.. Is the writers and animators making fun of us Shirakawa fans? (gets my torch amd fork ready to start a mob)

  9. I give Nanaka a big thumbs up for doing the right thing and giving up on Yoshiyuki. Definitely one of the better episodes in the series… I needed something like this to wash out the nasty aftertaste from Myself; Yourself 8 (the show with the OTHER Nanaka – the vastly inferior verson). Here’s hoping that the show will continue to pick up the pace.

    Koko once again proves her worth and it seems unlikely at this point that she will leave an opening for another girl to steal Yoshiyuki away. Something catastrophic will have to happen; perhaps the sakura tree will have to make its move to assure that the Asakura bloodline lives on…

  10. holyman282: I feel your pain. All Shirakawa loyalists must be writhing in agony now I’m sure XD Actually, I’m secretly hoping for another Nanaka failed confession in the series just to see more Nanaka goodness but I think the chances are slim. *sob* I think the studio is just out to play on Nanaka sentiments by upsetting the most popular girl with the least in the game. Indeed they have made Nanaka a very memorable character and us ready our pitchfork. Ready as you are brother! Just let me know the time/place outside Studio Feel. XD

    dsong: Ep 8 has an ominous scene of how Yoshiyuki shows deep concern for Yume. I hope it has siscon roots but that’s just me XD The sakura magic is beginning to wreak havoc and possibly as Soomer says, it make unravel Yoshi/Koko’s romance. But having rewatched ep 7 for the 5 time, I found myself admiring Koko more with each viewing. Here’s a really trusting, guileless girl and bland as she is, she wins my respect for being someone very good-hearted. Anyhow be it siscon or osananajimi drama, I think the audience wins :)

  11. Odds after ep. 9

    1. Koko 33%
    Yoshiyuki is stepping back from his committment

    2. Yume 27%
    Despite Koko’s loss, Yume did not do enough to improve her chance and the time is running out

    3. Otome 17%
    Although sakura tree is becoming more and more important, her time is running out as well and Yoshiyuki has not shown enough emotion to her

    4. Minatsu 12%
    Her name is being mentioned too much and she is the one that brings out strongest reaction in Yoshiyuki. I predict that either her chance will collapse to 0% or expand to 25% by the end of the next episode

    5. The field 11%
    One sentence: We have a boat sighting!

  12. Now your odds tally with mine :) Although I would list Nanaka as 10% with the rest of the field sub 10. It’s a pity Anzu has so little airtime. In ep 9, she has exhibited herself to be mature and thoughtful girl, putting herself forward as a contender for the esteemed title of Hontouni loli 2007 XD

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