Bamboo Blade 6

Ishida-sensei uses trickery to deploy Tama-chan twice for the 4 v 5 match. Obiwan Tamaki has taught her team mates well; Saya and Kirino manage to triumph against their opponents after learning to trust in Tama-chan and to use the force. Tama-chan ‘fesses up when asked for her name by the visiting team’s teacher but the only thing on his mind is to pit his skills against hers.

Miya Miya unleashes the power of Yandere after Dan-kun goes to the little boy’s room. But her opponent, Akemi, who had been feeling down because of her romance going pear-shaped but then receives an apologetic mail from him and the Sparkle Power of Puppy Love triumphs. Mostly because Darth Miya Miya was too enraged to control her Sith Lord power and overstepped.

But a Dan-kun soothes the savage yandere. Verily Dan x Miya Miya is a match made in both Heaven and Hell.

Despite her advantage in morale over Scaredy Cat Nishiyama, Saya struggles against her opponent’s FUD-spawned lightning responses. But she remembers to Use The Force, recovers her composure and uses a Tama-chan Attack Routine to overcome.

Likewise, Kirino had trouble against the Kabitzin Bane aura of Ando Yuri but also recalls her Jedi training to overcome the opposing team’s yandere Darth Stickious.

Final score. 3 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw – victory for the home team!

I was more than a little uncomfortable with how our Champion of Justice so easily acquiesced to Ishida’s cheating ploy – to pretend to leave after the first match (fighting at half power) and then returning (with megane disguise) under another name to fight Maya. But I suppose one could also see how she, with her naive child-like demeanour, was being manipulated by Ishida Palpatine (who also offered a bribe of an anime goods very rare item). Also surprised that Ishida’s senpai hasn’t said anything about it yet but I guess that will come later after his immediate response to Tama-chan’s fighting spirit and prowess.

LOL at how Maya tried to intimidate her opponent with her battle shout but then ends up being intimidated instead when she witnesses The Mouse That Roared.

Next week looks like a tough match for our heroine. Tama-chan, fighto!

7 thoughts on “Bamboo Blade 6

  1. I think you should get some kind of award for making a reference to The Mouse That Roared–it’s been a while since I saw it, but from what I remember it was hilarious ^_^

  2. Next episode promise to have one of the best kendo scene ever, if they choose to animate it properly.

  3. lol I was wondering wtf that natto was doing in BB too. I was pretty out of the loop about the Kabitzin bane though….old skewlers…..puu~! T.T

  4. Natto was great use of imagery to convey Ando’s sticky and gross aura, bit like getting slimed by Slimer. I guess the mangaka really didn’t like natto. ;)

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