Shakugan no Shana Second 5

While I agree with Omni that things seem to have slowed down, this episode also filled me with dread and fear for Wilhelmina. It feels too much like an episode designed to get audiences to feel sympathy for a character as well as for the lead character(s) to realize the importance of designated side character before said character gets SUNRISEd (i.e. killed off). While this is J.C. Staff at the helm, I just can’t shake the ominous feeling. Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean that they’re not out to get my favourite character!!

Light novel readers, no spoilers please. If you absolutely have to in order to avoid bursting, please use the spoiler tags.

That was quite the emotional rollcoaster for someone who had an episode title call her ‘emotionless’; from feeling hurt at being called naggy and then experiencing happiness at the success of her feelings showing through her Cabbage of Doom (Alastor and Tiamat side-commentary being pure win).

I could have sworn Chigusa was hitting on Wilhelmina. And I would have thought that my delusions had been confirmed if the massage scene had followed immediately after the scene transition. I blame Jason for this, of course. [Edit: Yes, it’s definitely Jason‘s fault.]

4 thoughts on “Shakugan no Shana Second 5

  1. ZOMG!!

    “She” is my fav character in this show too!

    I don’t really think though that they would dare do such a thing!

    It would be MADNESS!

  2. “Light novel readers, no spoilers please.”

    Not much to spoil, really. The “real” story hasn’t really kicked in yet. We’re still floating in filler land.

  3. Aye… the part where Chigusa met Wilhelmina on the street gave rise to the thought where a man preys on a woman when she is at her most vulnerable. An offer of comfort, a shoulder to lean on, a warm body to hug, etc…

    I want to see fanart where Wilhelmina is crying in bed while Chigusa is sitting at the side, immaculately dressed, sipping on a hot cup of oocha.


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