Lucky Star 24

Cheer dance revolution! :3

Looks like Konata is weak to Kagamin’s tsundere charms as Kagami is weak to Konata’s theory of friendship. :3

Which is why fansubs are essential. :3

So fitting that Kagami-sama wanted to be Prime Minister when she was in primary school. :3

Witch Hat Konata! So cunning that she got the class to do a Fortune Telling Mansion so that she could cosplay as the Divine Nagato. :3

Strawberry Panic’s Carmen, anyone? :3

The cheerleading dance was sooo addictive. It’s glued to the screen on replay like Hare Hare Yukai and God Knows all over again. :3

Best of friends. Would have been nice if there was just that little bit more too. :3

Thanks, girls, it’s been fun!

I recall a lot of naysaying and bashing of this series at the start – ironically because, for some, the OP gave the impression that there would ‘more stuff happening’ rather than just lots of talk. There were also a view that compared L*S unfavourably to Azumanga (which I enjoyed very much too); I’d argue that the two are only similar in terms of form (4koma origin, high school girls) but that the humour had a rather different dynamic with L*S relying more heavily on the individual characters’ quirks bouncing off each other, thus the need for buildup and getting the feel of each character before moving up from unit-level to system-level. For me, the first few episodes are even more enjoyable now that I know more about the characters and I’m gratified by how the dynamics were all laid out right from the start already; this makes for high rewatching enjoyment in my book.

Like PPD! (or even Azumanga where some are put off by the untranslateable puns), this series isn’t for everyone – particularly those who want linear narratives and stuff blowing up – but it worked out for me and I enjoyed it.

Oh btw, could have had MOAR yuri. :3

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  1. It’s sad this is over…I’ve been re-watching the dance at the end too, it’s definitely as addictive as Hare Hare Yukai :) A nice Manabi Straight-like touch, tying the end of the series to the OP credits.

    I started re-watching this and found the same thing you did – once you know the cast and their quirks the first few episodes are actually more entertaining than when I watched it the first time. The first few minutes of episode 1 after the OP probably wasn’t the best way to introduce the cast and turned some people off I’m sure, but they don’t know what they’re missing–here’s hoping someday there’ll be more (since they didn’t end it with graduation, I can dream…)

  2. I would like to say there are some good reasons why Shiraishi sung the ending song to Urusei Yatsura Movie 2 “Beautiful Dreamers”

  3. I definitely agree that Lucky Star has lots of replay value.

    I think a lot of the naysaying is from people who either were expecting something different, perhaps more Azumanga zaniness, or who are just insecure and try hate on whatever’s popular.

  4. Forgot! When will you do the full dance analysis and tips to the would be dance troupe? One of the move, the hopping on one leg while circling your arm ( one originally done by Konata ) seems very difficult for most non-athlete/dancers.

  5. I’ll be depressed for quite a while…this show is the only one I’ve been watching for the past couple months.

    Possibilities of L*S 2, anyone? I’m not looking for a continuation – more like an “alternative” series, like…KyoAni making fanfiction of L*S itself, if you would.

  6. In my opinion, the only good series that I watched for the whole of summer season is Lucky Star. It had a relatively good storyline considering it was from 4-koma and lots of wtf moments. I’ll be missing Kagamin x Konata action.

  7. suguru, I agree that the ‘how to eat choco-coro’ sequence was not the best way to get fans hooked. At the same time, it’s very faithful to the source material and was quite a good way to (1) deflate the huge expectations following Haruhi and (2) give advanced warning about what most of the series would be like. BTW I come from a culture that is obsessed with food so I’ve had plenty of those kinds of conversations too. lol

    Orion, there’ll always be haters but, then again, I still watch whatever I want and like whatever I like regardless.

    maglor, not sure that I have the energy to do a full analysis of the cheer/dance sequence. I always thought that the Konata rice-field twirling was only one arm twirling and another straight for balance but it’s pretty clear now it’s not. Love the high energy of the cheer mixed in with relatively simple elements (esp for the 2nd row – consideration for Yuu-chan?).

    Claies, second your idea about an alternate continuation – my top choice will be Hiyorin’s doujin world based on Yuu-chan x Minarin FTW!

    abao, I always enjoy the parts when one character will have their jaw hanging slack and shadow over their eyes. Would have also been good if they had a bit more Kagamin x Konata touchy-feelines too. ;)

  8. I still wonder why they didn’t have Lucky Strike as sponsor. I could even imagine a lot jokes about cigarettes and smoking that would fit the style of the show. Just imagine Tsukasa’s face after taking her first puff when Konata describes lung cancer in bright colours or maybe how moe a wooden leg is. Hmm, or is Lucky Strike actually forbidden in Japan? I remember that their logo had something to do with the Nippon flag and a certain nuke, I could be wrong though. Well, I guess Lucky Star is too tame for such humour.

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