Not man enough for School Days

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my last intake of School Days at ep 06 but I still haven’t found the courage to pursue the series even though I have up till ep 11 on my hard-disk. It doesn’t help that I have surmised from snatches of subsequent episodic summaries that things got A LOT worse. Now I enjoy a good tragedy but School Days take it way beyond sad to the epic proportions of haremic holocaust. You know you should stop watching a series when you are often overwhelmed by the powerful urge to smash your brand new 42″ LCD TV during viewing.

I’m sure there’ll come many MANY more reasons for me to discontinue School Days after ep 06, but for now, there are already 3 rather potent reasons for my temporary abandonment of the series.

Reason 1 – Makoto

Can you say worst harem lead, WORST HAREM LEAD in ALL history of anime? Come on! Let’s hear it again!


And this is coming from someone who think Takayuki (of kiminozo) was a great harem lead. (More on that in my worthy harem lead post to come.) Hey, it’s not like I’m not sympathetic to his carnal urges. I’m sure many of us hotblooded males have committed some of the terrible mistakes Makoto made in our younger days too. But at least I felt guilty and actively sought to remedy the mistakes almost as quickly as I made them. Makoto? He must have the conscience of a toaster and a soul darker than black.

Reason 2 – Seikai

I was rooting for Seikai right from ep 1. Set up seemingly to be the underdog in love, I find my support gravitating towards her. Plus being the obvious haremette that knows the lead best, it was a given to throw my weight behind her. That was until she embarked on the ridiculous cop-a-feel training program. I was utterly crushed by her lack of self-love. Given Seikai’s understanding of Makoto, she should have known better than to give in to his selfish sexual demands which basically destroys Makoto/Kotonoha’s relationship and crushes all hope of her building a healthy one with him. It was just too painful to watch my favourite haremette on a path to self-destruction.

Reason 3 - Kotonoha

My heart goes out to this poor girl. Not only is she abused so thoroughly by almost all the characters in the show, she’s probably slated to be psychotic one to land that blade on Makoto. It has to be concentrated evil that transforms such gentle sweetness into searing vehemence and I doubt I can stomach witnessing such a diabolical darkening of a soul so pure. Much as I would love to see Makoto gutted, seeing Kotonoha grasping the hilt may cause me to slit my throat.

In view of preserving my bodily and mental well-being, I have decided to shelf viewing School Days until I’m GAR enough or detached enough to catch the series w/o piercing sharp objects into my cranium or skewering cute furry animals.

Hoping knife meets Makoto soon.

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  1. Before this aired, I’d read from game spoilers it had an amoral, man-slut male lead and a pack of idiot bishoujo who flock to him like lemmings–that was enough to keep me from even watching episode 1. The character designs look awesome, and I’m normally a big fan of bishoujo series, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch this, and when I read about how things have developed I’m very glad I skipped it. Makoto sounds like he’s earned the Oscar for Most Repulsive Male Lead in a Harem Series. Hell, just from reading summaries, without even having watched a minute of this, I’m hoping Makoto gets the John Wayne Bobbitt treatment ASAP…

  2. Wow. I agree with everything you’ve said. Except for the things past episode 3.5. That’s where I stopped. The guy from Kiminozo is a Yuuichi-class lead compared to this horny retard.

  3. I agree with you.
    I’ve seen up to ep 6 as well and got ’till 11 on my HDD, but I’m reluctant to watch them.
    Watching School Days is very bad for my mental sanity, as well as my stuff gettting thrown around from pure anger, as well as generally pissing me off very badly.
    I might watch it still though, but wat some Lucky Star/Potemayo/Doujin Work and stuff between the School Days episodes to calm down a bit. ;)

  4. “Now I enjoy a good tragedy but School Days take it way beyond sad to the epic proportions of haremic holocaust. You know you should stop watching a series when you are often overwhelmed by the powerful urge to smash your brand new 42? LCD TV during viewing.”

    Lol. Exactly what I was feeling. But, I had the courage to watch up to ep 7 :P.

    “Can you say worst harem lead, WORST HAREM LEAD in ALL history of anime? Come on! Let

  5. While I do feel that Kotonoha didn’t deserve to be cheated on…
    I dislike her for being a rug and taking everyone’s shit and not fighting back, and I dislike her for willing to whore herself out just to be able to get that dumb bag’s attention.

    Really it’s hard to contain respect for someone attracted to a pile of horse manuer.

  6. I didn’t watch any of School Days. Who would like to play a visual novel where you control an unlikeable guy who goes on dates with unlikeable girls?

    Cheer up. Watch more Potemayo.

  7. Any plea of innocence from any of these three undesirables is guilty of wasting time, the verdict stands guilty…

    I am still holding out for Itou being rendered into paste. Katsura disappoints me not because she is a carpet, but she never carried out her vengeance.Sekai was the first traitor, the only way she can redeem herself is to kill Itou. In fact any one who guts the bastard and his harem deserves a medal.

  8. Crusader, form what i understand of the game and what happen last ep. it look like you will get your wish about Sekai. It looks more and more to me that Koto looking at the knives in Ep10 was a red herring for what will happen in Ep12 when Sekai finds out Itou is cheating on her again in her present “condition” :D

  9. Lol like i said in my Tsukaima 2 post, I couldn’t go on watching this… Makoto is really a argg words can’t discribe him.

    I find myself actaully hopping poor Kotonoha gets something good in the end. Apart from her, there is Setsuna which I was a long time supporter off. I am pretty sure right now that it’s sekai that would land the killing blow from what I read from the other bloggers.

  10. The worst thing to happen is that all these girls starts sleeping with Makoto without a logical reason… it seems that all the story wants to show is how the girls torture each other by sleeping with this idiot. I won’t be surprised if Kokoro (Kotonoha’s sister) start liking him and sleep with him next episode.

    I can’t see half a reason why anyone would moderately like this assh0le.

  11. For some strange reason, after reading everyone’s comments, I feel compelled to watch ep 7…. Must. suppress. suicidal. tendencies XD

  12. I too gave up watching after ep 6 but still enjoyed reading the blog post from that anime blog. The way they wrote it made things sound much more interesting than the delivery of the show imo.

  13. School Days is like a 12 episode example of the cliche, ‘All girls like assholes that don’t care about them at all.’ I can’t stand the show at all and I’m constantly amazed by the people that like it.

  14. I knew before the 1st episode that Makoto will be classified as the worst Male character ever and suffered through all the episodes in hope that we finally see a justice carried out to a lowly Harem Male lead. It is likely that anime producers knew about the general expectation of the viewers, thus kept us guessing about who will put the blades on whom. Any non-bloody ending to this series will incite riot against the producer and a real commercial backlash(boycotts and declaration of no confidence) against the makers, so I am still very hopeful of seeing some Makoto sashimi. One of rare good thing about this anime series is the ED songs, mostly from the game, but it still packs a punch. I still remember seeing just the first chapter of the game video, and when the song kicked in at the end after Sekai kiss, thought that the series had an epic potential. It was an epic, but not in the manner I originally expected.

  15. I keep looking at that image you put in of Sekai and keep thinking that phone’s a knife. XD

    I don’t know. I like School Days but I do think the drama’s very hit-and-miss for people. There’s this sweet spot of drama of me, and the show keeps swinging it back and forth between too light on the lower end (Makoto sleeping with people) and too over-the-top on the higher end (…Makoto sleeping with people. XD).

    The show is definitely good, for me, when it can get the mood and drama just right – the insert songs are well-placed (end of episode 9 > all, for those in the know) and School Days definitely doesn’t handle itself like a normal harem, i.e. I found myself saying “Then she’ll say this” and find myself utterly floored by the opposite.

    Of course the problem with this is that pretty much anything good you think about your “favorite” character (not Kotonoha specifically) will be utterly destroyed, which does lead to a fair amount of keyboard abuse. Eheheheh.

    Long story short: School Days good if you’ve ever enjoyed watching soap operas/uberdrama shows, car crashes, people making idiots of themselves on Youtube or Mystery Science Theater (just so you can mock how ridiculous it is). Not for everyone, for sure, not a ‘feelgood’ or relaxing show at all~

  16. Me? I’m just counting down the days.

    See no matter how undesirable the process leading up to that point is, the cathartic release of watching theat knife slide into Itou’s gut is worth enduring. Of course that is if the studio decide to go the distance. If Itou somehow does escape the justice that is coming for him I will be one of the legions storming the damn place and putting it to the torch. Hell I’ll probably be leading the charge and afterwards I’ll sow the place in salt.

    Meh what can I say. Japan hates women.

  17. Well Stripey, I can give you a reason for Makoto’s excuse for a life: Bad genes

    It all started with his father (Tomaru) who is a character from earlier 0verflow games. He also had trouble _not_ humping on anything that was of female breed and breathed. I got info that Tomaru made 43 children so far, including Makoto. He also is the parent of Sekai’s _and_ Setsuna’s fathers! So what Makoto is doing when he is screwing around with both Sekai and Setsuna is that he is screwing around with the daughters of his two half-brothers. Yuck?

    Also, Makoto has a 7 year old sister who is living with Tomaru atm, poor girl.

    I would say that Makoto is an angel compared to his father. I just deeply hope that Makoto will taste some cold steel in the end of the anime. I really recommend you to watch it to the end though!

  18. I just love reading the reactions of people who keep up watching this show. It’s so amusing to see what everyone says, and it gets me thinking “hey, this episode can’t be THAT bad unlike before”. Which leads to, despite my better judgment, me watching the episodes in question.

    Resulting in massive facepalmings, keyboard and desk-related head injuries.

  19. Wait…you’re only up to episode 6? It only grows exponentially from there man. I don’t know why…but I’m still watching it. Still waiting for the last episode, hoping that Makoto gets what he deserves. By the time you get to episode 11, you’ll be crazy enough to go out there and commit murder (the end of 11 does calm you down a bit though). I suggest that you wait til 12 comes out, read a bit about the review whether you Makoto dies. If he does, rewatch his death about 30 times before going back to the series.

    Everytime I see Sekai hurt, anger spills. If only there was some way to hurt a 2D Anime character…I guess the closest thing would be to go after the voice actor (this is not a plot) or settle for a Makoto voodoo doll.

  20. Gaining strength from the comments here, I went on watch ep 7 and felt again murderous rage. Frankly as Hinano mentioned in part, Makoto’s philandering ways are just as sinful as Kotonoha’s stoicism and Seikai’s indulgence. I think I’ll take another 2 weeks break before braving ep 8. Hopefully by then, news of Makoto’s grisly death would have redeemed the series…. XD

    And if genetics is the problem (thanks Flaskis for highlighting), Seikai may have to stab herself after Makoto to keep his spawns from causing more harem I mean harm to the world…. XD

  21. Stripey, you just reminded me. Do watch episode 8 asap for two reasons:

    1) We get to know a bit more about Setsuna. She is after all the best character in this world (except that she’s apparently deviating a lot from the original game)

    2) Zettai Ryouiki madness, and they’re not discrete about it either! :o

  22. I hope Makoto doesn’t erm… do Setuna… I’ll absolutely go on a smashing rampage. XD Onward to ep 8! :)

    PS: Doing it for zettai ryouiki

  23. I realize a good tragedy often has evil characters but good tragedies also leave you understanding or sympathizing with the motivations of such.

    Makoto is like, the A-1 anti-rolemodel. Who in the hell would identify with this guy and let me take a cricket bat to them if they raise their hand. A show about an sociopathic bastard who uses a string of apparently low-esteem females ending in a bloodbath. This is like the anime equivalent of Big Brother/Survivor/”end of society” bullcrap.

    (starts lurking in anime alleys to cricket bat anyone heard saying “yay! he f*cked that one! on to the next piece of meat!”)

  24. In my blog, I posted the following take on SCHOOL DAYS, and Makoto in particular:

    The only hope left for me now is for Kotonoha and Sekai to go all Higurashi No Naku Koroni on Makoto…who has become, in my mind, the most loathsome anime character since Ikari Gendou. I’d rather root for That Homo Jeff Gordon than root for Makoto, whose actions, as the show progresses, devolve into one systematic cruelty after another. When a character makes Ataru Moroboshi seem the height of charm, dignity, style and culture, well…that character has got a bigger problem than getting a girl pregant. So…I was going to spew on and on about SCHOOL DAYS and go all Andrea Dworkin about how shows like this PROVE that PORNOGRAPHY IS VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN but I guess it’s just as well that I await the bloody bitter end instead. In the interim, I could offer a bit of advice for the all characters in SCHOOL DAYS: “Avoid close emotional entanglements with those more psychotic than yourself.”

    I’m still waiting on that last episode. I probably should have dropped this after episode 6, but I’m down for the count. I’ve got a six-pack in the icebox and a sack of cheeselogs…and I’m ready to kick back and watch the bitter end of this. *hrrr*

  25. LOL! Well said about Makoto. If I have kids next time, I may use School Days as an educational piece to teach them about relationships and how not be a jerk :)

  26. Stripey,

    if you plan to finish schools I suggest you stay away form other blogs for a while. The ending was broadcast and was almost perfect :D looking forward to your school day final ep entry.

  27. And all predictions have come true.
    Makoto got stabbed, sliced and beheaded in the name of jealously and madness. So satisfying.
    Well, may I say that was one of the most weird endings of all anime. Gentlemen, Gainax’s CONGRATULATIONS has a new challenger.

  28. Stripey, at the very least I hope you can watch the last episode. Uhm, wow. That’s all that’s registering right now. While some aspects of the ending were predicted, the execution (pardon the pun) was surprising.

  29. Thanks all for the heads up. I guess I will try to plow through Makoto’s bestial behaviour so that I can see his just desserts in ep 12. But that said, I’m afraid to see how the lovely ladies in love have their souls consumed by vengeance to become deadly damsels of damnation. XD

  30. Hi all,

    I’m sure by this time School Days has become old news but I just wanted to comment on what I got out of the series. I sat through all the episodes, except the first, in one sitting and I’ve realized there’s one key lesson that’s taught intentionally or unintentionally by the series writer. School days had a $hitload of flaws ranging from how unrealistically all the characters interacted and reacted to one another to how unsatisfying the end was after all the tension that was built up, but at the end, despite the insanity and improbability of the storyline, I think the series did well in conveying the pure aweful emotions involved in infidelity. I can say that I might have only watched the whole series to see if there would be a decent reconciliation in the end (though I thought the ending wasn’t good enough since Mokoto and everyone that was involved with him should have all been killed in some way because of their foolish decisions to sleep with him), and though I might have died a little inside because of this anime, I think if its done anything for me, its shown me the value saving yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for the “right one”, as opposed to test driving everything on the lot – reason being if you test drive everything, once you find the one you want, what you have with it ends up becoming less meaningful.

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