Brighter than Dawning Blue ~ Official complete guide

While I still wake up screaming from Crescent Love nightmares and have developed an allergy to cabbages, Yoakena (the game) remains undisplaced as my favourite artwork in the 2D realm. So when I found that my local Kinokuniya is unable to bring in the Yoakena perfect visual book (due to its H-content), I was completely shattered and spent the next month wearing Mai’s twin tails in mourning But with this purchase, I need not grief anymore. The Yoakena Complete official guide is my dream come true. Devoid of h-scenes but packed with more CG goodness exclusive for the PS2 release, it’s an upgrade that’s legal both in my republic island and household.

Costing a miserly 1800 yen (although the local Kinokuniya was selling it almost 3000 yen – uguu!), this 143 paged illustration book is truly the pinnacle of Japanese eroge art. Below are several pages of the first segment of the artbook that highlights Yoakena posters featured in other bishoujo publications.

The 2nd portion of the artbook focuses on the Yoakena characters and their event CGs. Here are those character-centric pages of my favourite bishoujos in Yoakena.

Ahhh, I’m in bishoujo rakuen…. The official complete guide has momentarily quelled my thirst for the Perfect Visual book though the tanuki in me knows all too well that it is my destiny to get all things Yoakena. More Yoakena merchandise pimpage up next.

13 thoughts on “Brighter than Dawning Blue ~ Official complete guide

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Yoakena’s (game) artwork is just awe-inspiring. If only the anime had looked that good…

  2. Yoakena’s game artwork is indeed beautiful, though I probably wouldn’t buy this if I didn’t have the Perfect Visual Book already. Though I think I saw a copy at the local Kinokuniya but I wouldn’t be too sure if it’s still there. But yes, keep searching, it is a worthy purchase!

  3. Hm…seems like more than half of my earlier comment was eaten (or at least I can’t see it) :/

    Anyways, what is really new in the Ps2 version of Yoakena anyway?
    I guessing a Midori and and Estel path as well as some new songs to the soundtrack for them. On the other hand, a good game like this doesn’t need much extra added when ported to another platform : )
    I need to start playing this again (since my japanese skills probably has gotten better since last time I played and got some kind of Feena ending) because…right now I’m just booting it up to enter music mode :o

  4. Oh yeah, I did see this in the Akiba Animate bishoujo floor. But I didn’t buy it as I wasn’t sure if it had any Doumu stuff in it.

  5. Ugh, cut off. That’s what I get for using the wrong smilies. Sorry!

    I like the art of Feena-sama in the first pics. ;_; She’s so…*hugs pillow* ;_;

  6. TehShaw: I think the extras for the PS2 version are as you described. Ahhh.. and I’m envious you played the game! XD Myself, I’ve always wanted to see how the siscon card played out in the Mai track. :)

    Kabitzin: Yes, there are text portions at the final segment which I believe to be some kind of walkthrough for the game. Still packed with great cg caps though :)

    suguru: I say again, should you ever organise a lynch mob for Doumu, I’m in :P Then again, ripping them to pieces would be going too easy on them. We need to strap them into chairs and force them to watch their own abomination “Cabbage Love” for the rest of their liv… erm never mind.. too cruel XD

    Adun: I believe the Estel’s artwork makes this overlapping purchase worthy :) And yeah, still plotting to get the Perfect Visual collection into the country XD

    Danny Choo: Indeed! And for 1800 yen, it’s a steal. no wonder Otakudom flourishes in their land :)

    Zyl: I’m beginning to fear that Animate basement you are speak of… the likelihood of me going berserk/frothing at the mouth is getting higher and as I learn more about it… XD

    Hemisphere: Now you are tempting me to use my Feena pillow case which I have put in my anime-treasures vault :P

  7. can somebody post the ‘brighter than dawning blue’ walkthrough to me ? I cannot get all the CGs and endings. Help………………

  8. I manage to get Yoakena perfect visual book with full H-contents through the channel I need to keep it secret … Bekkangou (the artist behind August Soft eroge) RULES indeed!

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