K-Books Trump Collection – Near death by moe

I have a huge gaping wound in my moe-centre (think chakra centre), having barely survived an assassination attempt from my very own brother-in-anime, Zyl. Few folks on earth know my terrifying secret – I can only be killed by bishoujos. So when Zyl handed me a pack of K-book’s Trump collection featuring the moelicious art of numerous artists, he knew it’d be akin to stabbing my moe acupoints, 52 times. Miraculously, I survived and swore to repay him in kind. But first, an entry on the beautiful assassins.

Unlike the sets of bootlegged anime playing cards sold in a local comic chain-store, this very quality trump collection comes free. (Although I believed my good bro Zyl must sold his kidney at K-books for this fabulous freebie.) There are different themes for each of the 4 suits and below are 2 of them – Gothic & Lolita & Maid for Hearts and Et ceteras for Spades

Ahhh, you can be sure sweet/gothloli would be THE mandatory national costume when I set up the Striped Republic of tanuki in the not-so-near-future. These cards are also highly informative in highlighting artists (bottom left). Time to find the artbooks belonging to the more noteworthy illustrators.

Plenty more moe in the clubs and diamonds suits (featuring Uniform and Swimming suit & Lingerie themes respectively) Will try to put them up when I recover from my moe-injuries. Meanwhile I need to hunt for card protectors for these lovelies to preserve their status as family heirlooms.

15 thoughts on “K-Books Trump Collection – Near death by moe

  1. Captain…! I don’t think I can live any longer, I’m so sorry!

    Ugh, Spades 4, 7, 12, and Hearts 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12, and 13 all got me.

    Also, the art on those cards look real familiar. I don’t know some of the names, but I’ve seen their art in Purple Software, Circus, Feng as well as other companies’ eroge. I think this was done by Carnelian, as it looks very much like her style.

    Gah, I need a resuscitator to stabilize my breathing!

  2. That was close but it miss a couple of my weak points.


    Nonw i need to find out if they sell these in the US somewhere.

  3. closer look att he Ace of Spades and 6 of spades reveal they have nuns

    and J of spades is a Onee-san type.

    2 more of my weak points have been but I still don’t see any MILF so I am safe.

    and Stripey, I demand you scan the rest of the set.

    my 2 favorites would have to be the J of heart and J of Spades.

  4. Wow, that’s a nice set of artwork! I like the variety of art styles, and the bishoujos are perfect for distracting the opposing players in poker. J of Spades is hands down my favorite so far, though I am looking forward to seeing the other two suits to see if there is anything better. Hopefully your moe-injuries heal quickly!

  5. Would anyone really play with these? Maybe a game of solitaire? Can’t trust these in anyone else’s hands, especially of those who don’t understand :P

  6. LOL @ the 8 of hearts.

    Man, I would never actually be able to play cards with these, especially since a lot of people like to bend the cards when they’re playing. >_

  7. Hemisphere: For the sake of the bishoujos you must persevere on! :) Yes, 7 of spades is Carnelian. I’m also trying to educate myself about the artists for the various games/anime. Receiving training currently at this great site.

    Xellos-_^: Haha! Well thanks for highlighting them, the erm more religious bishoujos. I checked the other 2 suits.. no MILF but have more onee-types. Will put them up soon :)

    Chichiwomoge: Thanks for giving me the name for the artist of 10 Spade. Am trying to match the artists to their work so that I can look out for their illustration books to purchase :)

    Ender: Glad you like them! I’m very impressed w J spade myself. In fact it’s my fav of the suit. Knowing me, I’d be the most distracted player at the poker table. Diamonds and Clubs scans to follow suit! :)

    Asrialys: Heh, probably not in the traditional use of the word ‘play’. XD Nope, no card games with this treasure… my heart bleeds just thinking about having to shuffle this fantabulous deck :P

    Orion: Didn’t notice the guns in 8 Hearts until your comment. LOL! :)

  8. Oh yeah, I finally remembered how I got the two packs. From the K-Books (Doujins for Guys) on Otome Road in Ikebukuro, buy JPY 6,000 and above and the Trump Collection was the special gift.

  9. At first glance, my eyes caught heart 6 and spade 11.
    Can you do a tarot for me and tell me what kind of person I am? :P

  10. Zyl: Ah ic… I’m still shuddering at your bank-breaking activities during your Japan trip XD

    crimson: LOL! The cards are too precious for taroting :) Sending you the zipped now. You shd receive it in a moment :)

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