Mechanical Zaku Maniacal Zyl $pender$

Main Office: ‘Because you have yet to reach the primary objective of ComiKet 72, I cannot release your limiter to $$ rank. Will a single $ be enough?’
Zyl: *thinks for a while* Hai! Jyubun ya! ;)

TBC. Apologies, had a really late night last night. Update of yesterday’s Akiba III and Ikebukuro adventure when I get back later.

[Edit: Updates after the jump.]

So there I was parading my ignorance, previously asserting that MaxFac Yuki could not be bought in Akiba for love or for money. It just turns out that I wasn’t looking in the right places. I’ve since seen quite a few Yukis for sale but almost all above JPY 9,000 and the most expensive was going for JPY 14,490! Ok, so I bit the bullet and bought this one, from this shop that rents out shelf space (in glass cabinets), for JPY 7,900, a not insignificant markup. This also seems unnecessary as there is a second release for this figure due this month (se Ami Ami).

With respect to the latter consideration, I didn’t place a pre-order for a second Yuki. So it’s unlikely I’ll get one through the normal channels anyway. If I buy on the secondary market or online, I would have much less opportunity to inspect her before paying out and taking delivery. On the former issue of the markup, firstly, this was the least expensive Yuki I could find; secondly, the seller is not making an obscene profit either – he has to rent the display shelf (JPY 3,000 but for how long?) and that particular shelf only had another smaller figurine in it. In any case, for me, it’s a case of buy and be happy. :)

In other purchase news, there’s another Mystery Stripey package (#3 now), from K-Books anime in Ikebukuro. I’ve managed to find discounted Noir OST 1 (JPY 1,280) and 2 (JPY 1,680) too as well as a Ryoko Chara Song CD (JPY 900) and a Kaede drama CD (JPY 2,480), all from the Liberty Akiba No.4 shop. Hmm… music-wise, it seems like my good brother likes chicks who kill (or attempt to) people… ;)

The real wallet limit breakers for me were the other CDs, all at RRP because I couldn’t find them (after three days of searching Akihabara, Nakano and Ikebukuro): Simoun OST 1 and 2 for JPY 3,045 and Murder Princess OST for JPY 3,058 from Yamagiwa Soft. And two Nana Mizuki singles for Nanoha, Innocent Starter (my favourite Nanoha OP) and Eternal Blaze at JPY 1,200 each as well as A’s Sound Stage 1 and 2 at JPY 2,625 from Comic Toranoana – Got SS1 mainly for the Nanoha x Fate love-love bathing track and the SS2 for Snow Rain. :P. Thankfully, all three retailers accepted my credit card so my cash could be conserved for ComiKet which definitely does not take cards.

Well, now that I think about it, I’ve bought OSTs and singles online and paid more for the postage and handling charges than for the goods themselves! There was one time when Royal Mail slapped me with the 17.5% UK VAT and their obscene handling charge on top of that! Still… buying two full OST CDs like that, one can easily buy a top of the range figurine. But I’m happy to own good quality CDs of OSTs I enjoy which I bought at a decent price (compared to how much they sell for online with P&H or in local stores, if they even carry them!).

No prizes for guessing whom Stripey will be rooting for nano yo.

On the way to Ikebukuro, I saw this meido cafe, Pinafore, which is just behind the Metro exit (3) – come out of the escalator/stairs and turn right, you should see it on your right, facing the little park which is now a haven for all those people who have to take their fag break but not break the municipal law banning smoking while walking.

What makes this particular cafe interesting is that there seems to be a queue outside it all the time. Virtuous cycle effect, combined with a good ground floor location – not a walk-up for a start which makes it feel extra sleazy plus it’s not possible to see a queue if there was one?

Plus I’ve noticed that when a customer leaves, his face is always beaming. I was quite tempted to try it out but my very basic Japanese would probably make it not worth the money as a lot of the fun probably comes from the verbal interaction. Or maybe the meido here are just particularly babelicious. ;)

[P1010656.jpg removed due to hotlinking]

Ah, memories of the Yuri Revolution 2005. I still remember how Serge very generously let me have the last Kannazuki OST and ED single. But this Toranoana branch seems to have changed a bit. For one thing, it’s a lot more crowded in terms of customers and goods taking up floor space compared to my previous visit. There’s a particular bad choke point at the entrance which clusterfcuks four different streams: coming in, going out, queue for the lift (which is right opposite the stairs). Lots of figurines on the first level too.

After struggling through that Toranoana, headed off to Otome Road, which was mentioned by Patricia Martin during a recent episode of Lucky Star. Along the way:

Run, childrens! It’s the pedobear!! Or not. :P

Didn’t go the K-Books further up the road (top right picture) because it seems mainly ‘Doujin for women’ so went down the road to the ‘Doujin for men’. Found an interesting haul – StrikerS Nano! and Haru Star 2 were particularly good finds. Though I also had to browse through shelves of doujin with loli-Nanoha/Fate and Haruhi/Mikuru/Yuki covered in spunk. orz I’m seriously not keen on those kinds of doujin, not because I’m a prude but mainly because I think the doujin artist/circle takes so many liberties with the character’s characterization that the character becomes unrecognizable and thus breaking my initial identification with the work. For example, I’m still an admirer of Tony Taka (his Runar! was selling for JPY 3,130 – an astronomical price for a rather thin doujin) as I am of the sexy humour of Gold Rush’s classic Thank You! Lunamaria Hawke doujin (JPY 630).

Every store needs its own mascot! :3

Can’t wait for the fifth volume of the Lucky Star manga!

Another sign of summer…

Shijou-don (market bowl) from Tsukiji at JPY 900. Shijimi (small clams) miso soup is an additional JPY 100.

Fried rice (char han) with deepfried pork, eggplant, bitter gourd, onions, topped with an onsen-style egg (basically an egg that has been slowly soft-boiled in 60 deg C water for 40+ minutes) for JPY 780. This was my early dinner. Had a late second, proper dinner (cooked by my high school friend and his girlfriend) over at his apartment in Kojimachi later that evening. Saved me quite a bit of food money that was diverted to the ComiKet budget! :P

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  1. WOO, long range AOE spell!!!!

    What type of items specifically are you looking to grab on the primary mission?

  2. !!!!!

    I’m gonna have to release Numbers III-XII to steal your bounty just to let you know *evil laughter*

  3. woah! Ryoko goodness! *hyperventilates* Hey no worries about update. it’s more impt to be breathing in/taking in Japan air/scenes/otaku fumes at the moment. Like you always say, “why only talk about se… err.. food when you can actually eat it?”

    Enjoy bro!

  4. The full A’s nano book is being re-released you know? Melonbooks online only though iirc.

  5. Kabitzin, mission objectives are MariMite (esp Sei), Haruhi (esp Yuki, Ryoko), Lucky Star (esp Kagami) and Nanoha StrikerS Nano! And some Fate/Tiger Colosseum merchandise.

    moyism, the Zaku forces will never give up! We will never surrender! Numbers are all we have! :P

    Chichiwomoge, the one on the left is by Utsura Uraraka of Churuya fame and the right is by mituru shiduki of the ryoko asakura club. What’s up with Ryoko and lemons? Is it like Natsuki and mayonaise, leeks?

    Bro, yes, I have discovered Ryokoism. Mainly through Ryoko’s creepy crush on Yuki in Disappearance. She is so naughty! :3

    selkirk, another reason to learn how to use iirc, mero~n. orz And thanks for all your hard work on translating StrikerS Nano!

  6. er… iirc as in if I remember correctly :p, not through IRC.
    My copy (along with A’s nano) won’t be here for weeks T_T

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